Brookshires Corporate Office Headquarters

Brookshires Corporate Office Headquarters
1600 W Southwest Loop 323
Tyler, TX  75701
Corporate Phone Number: 1-903-534-3000

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  1. You have horrible customer service at the corporate office! We received contaminated fuel and the lady we had to deal with was less than helpful and refused to have tanks tested. Basically we were told we were responsible for the damages to my vehicle. Those damages have reached several hundred dollars, that of which I DON"T have just laying around!! All they had to do was pay for parts needing to be replaced. Another case of the rich getting richer......

  2. I love Brookshires Hometown Grocery Store, the stores are clean, great employees, good produce, very pleased with services, I do have a complaint. It came to my attention in another store close to where I live, that some High School Senior employees where not able to participate in a Senior activity because they they were scheduled to work during that time. This is very upsetting to me & I think the Community if it was brought to their attention. They Graduate High School only once, but we have been in a unusual situation with the Covid- 19 restrictions. I am writing to you for the future Seniors/high school students, whom the Managers are not taking care of in these school activities, especially the important ones.I ask you make it a policy to schedule the students off on the days of these events or at least block off the hours so they can participate and enjoy the time allotted for the event. I hope this will bring change for the continued year and the future High School employees in your employment. We appreciate Brookshires in our Homwtowns. Thank you for your time.D


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