Rent-A-Wreck Corporate Office Headquarters

Rent-A-Wreck Corporate Office Headquarters
10324 South Dolfield Road
Owings Mills, Maryland 21117
Corporate Phone Number: 1-410-581-5755
Fax Number: 1-410-581-1566
Customer Service Number: 1-877-877-0700
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  1. WHAT A MISTAKE. I do not even know where to start. I made reservations to rent a minivan from the Rent A Wreck car rental company. I called and confirmed my car rental 3 (three) days in advanced. I also called and asked questions, and the night before, I called again just to double check. When I came to pick up the car (on time at 2 p.m.) I was informed that they did not have the car. I was there left with out a car planed and scheduled to leave to South Carolina in one hour. Not one person seemed to care. This was on Friday, July 31 of 2015. The staff is so unprofessional and unfortunately very ignorant. No word of sympathy, or "We apologize"
    All they wanted for me to do is to leave.
    I am a business owner myself. The way they operate this location is embarrassing and something should be done about it.
    I was not willing to leave, and please believe me I kept my cool and professionalism to the end. No change of tone on my behalf. Believe me, I wanted to scream, but the people working there would ignore that too. The girl that was assisting me was on her (f----n) phone playing a game. I requested a manager. When he came out of his office same ignorant reaction, following with the words "Someone did not return the car that we had reserved for you" Well, "Thanks a lot" maybe, just maybe someone could have called to let me know.
    I was advised to drive to Midway Airport to rent a car and they would reimburse the difference. Just imagine it is already an hour later and I am stuck in traffic going to the airport to rent a car. At the airport, going from one rental company to the other, standing in lines, finding out that they do not accept walk-ins.
    Finally at the 6th or 7th rental company after 1.5 additional hours I rent a small SUV. The total price for our rental $1,700.00 compared to the $700.00 that I was supposed to pay at Rent A Wreck.
    I call before I finalize this transaction just to make sure Rent A Wreck would cover the difference. I was assured by the lady working with me at the Rent A Wreck that they would. I took the SUV. Had to call one of my employees to come with another person to pick up my car from the airport.
    On my way home I stopped by Rent A Wreck to give them the bill. With what I went through already there was not trust left. I went in and gave them the paperwork on the SUV car rental. She (the very same person that guaranteed that the Rent A Wreck would cover the difference called the manager. He looked at the $1,000.00 difference and told me that they can only pay $490. I would pay for taxes, everyone has to pay that, and the $1,000.00 difference would have to be covered by me.
    I thought that I was going to cry. I told them that I had no choice but to return the car to the airport and end up without a car. I went to the airport and returned the SUV. I was charged a $130.00 fee for renting the SUV and returning it after only an hour. After sitting in the Rent a Wreck office I listened to conversations that the people working there had with other clients. All were complaining, and all were ignored and treated with no respect. This company should have their license taken away. NEVER AGAIN.

  2. JEEZ!!! That is SO terrible!
    My issues with them are minor in comparison.
    Never again.

  3. I rented a car from northern parkway i picked up car for a day at 7:00pm returned the next day at 615 they kept my security deposit and charged me an extra 31.00 dollars you have a 30 min Grace period since Office closes at 6:00 even though I called and told them I was stuck in traffic i would be ten minutes late they told me as long as I got there before the gate closes i wouldn't be charged but they lied the gate was open but Office was closed the lady took keys out of car and they still charged me.Even though I didn't have car


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