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L'Occitane Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
1270 Valley Brook Avenue
Lyndhurst, NJ  07071
Corporate Fax Number: 1-201-460-0944
Customer Service Number: 1-888-623-2880

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  1. Hello, I'm in business and every year at holiday time, I spend (in total) between $2k and $3K on various yearly gifts from your company. Today I learned from one of the women who I gift to that she no longer could accept my gifts because your company tests on animals. She said LOccitane had to test in order to sell in China. Anyway, everyone who gets these gifts have raved about the products. But for me, testing on animals is a game changer.

    1. Actually, they do not and never have. You can find the policy (copied below) on their website: (https://il.loccitane.com/animal-testing-policy,20,1,88226,1130120.htm). There's also an update here: (https://ie.loccitane.com/l%27occitane%27s-position-on-animal-testing,103,1,87296,1087160.htm).

      Basically, L'Occitane does not test on animals, but Chinese laboratories approved by local authorities do independent testing of their own. And L'Occitane is working to change these practices too.

      L'Occitane's position on animal testing
      Please take time to read and understand our position on this important subject below.

      L’OCCITANE does not and never has tested its products, its active ingredients or its raw materials, on animals at any point in the product development or manufacturing process.

      L’OCCITANE has always been committed to the suppression of animal testing for beauty products, along with associations including One Voice and PETA. L’OCCITANE was one of the first companies to be in the positive list of the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) in 1997. In December 2011 the BUAV decided to remove their accreditation from all companies operating in China because Chinese authorities still request testing on all cosmetic products sold on the Chinese market, as they view it as the better way to safeguard their consumer’s safety. However BUAV sent us a supportive letter as they understand our continuous efforts to flight against animal testing. Note that our company does not conduct those tests in China; they are done by Chinese laboratories, approved by local authorities on a restricted animal panel.

      L’OCCITANE is fundamentally committed to the abolition of animal testing of beauty products worldwide. Unfortunately given the limited economic and political weight of L’OCCITANE, ceasing to sell our products in China will not do anything to change local regulations. Instead, to move forward we decided to develop relationship with the Chinese authorities to pledge the case for the ending of animal testing for beauty products, through open dialogue.

      Since December 2010, L’OCCITANE has been meeting with representatives from the Chinese authorities to promote alternative tests to animal testing. L’Occitane was also one of the leading European companies to attend a colloquium on this topic in Beijing in February 2011, together with the BUAV and the Chinese authorities.

      L’OCCITANE keeps working alongside the BUAV as one of the main beauty brands represented on its dedicated taskforce called « China Cosmetics Cooperative Group ». This entity works with European and Chinese officials to promote alternative testing methods. The first meeting took place in May 2012 and regular meetings are organized in London, Paris or Brussels. Newt meeting is planned 2013, May 20th in London.

      On their side, the Chinese laboratories certified by authorities have recently launched a programme to investigate alternative testing protocols. On sun care, animal tests have been stopped and our method on humans has been accepted. This is a first step. L’OCCITANE will keep working proactively for these alternatives to be implemented as soon as possible for all its products.


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