Hugo Boss Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Hugo Boss Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
601 W 26th Street
New York, NY  10001
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-940-0600
Customer Service Number: 1-800-484-6267

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  1. The most Frustrating experience. I bought a Christmas gift with a DEBIT CARD , for my husband in your store Coral Gables/Merrick Park. It didn't fit, so my husband went to return it. The store didn't want to credit his credit card or give him the cash, they only offered a store credit (He had the receipt with him). I had to go out of my way to go in person with my debit card. The return was made February 5th at 2.09pm . We are today February 8th @ 6pm and the refund is still NOT credited to my checking account. It seems that HUGO BOSS policy is :3-5 BUSINESS days for the credit to be posted into my account. Well the charges were immediately debited from my Debit Card !!!. Is Hugo Boss playing with customers money? I called 1800-4846267 after telling my story to a nice lady, she put m on hold, I thought maybe she was going to call a manager on someone qualified to give me answers, but after 15 minutes on hold they hang up on me. Way to treat customers HUGO BOSS!!!! needless to say that I will not buy your products again..

    A very dissatisfied customer


  2. Just wanted to say that a employee name Marco at Garden state plaza in New Jersey first time I walked into that store I saw and knew that this person has issues with race I talked to him telling him nicely how he acted since our first encounter and it was one of
    Prejudice I am a black mail I applied for a job their his whole response every time I called was that of negativity.and he is very arrogant and after the conversation he was angry and hung up the phone with a wrong attitude and then says by the way the job is filled.well I know a lot of people and they won't be going to hugo boss.

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