Cole Haan Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Cole Haan Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
6 Ashley Drive
Scarborough, ME  04074
Corporate Phone Number: 1-207-846-2500
Customer Service Number: 1-800-695-8945

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  1. Why is it impossible to cancel, change or correct an order 45 minutes after an order has been placed??? The window is so small that your customer service staff can do ZERO to help a customer minutes after an order has been placed.
    Even though it is Sunday night, and no one is in the fulfillment center until Monday, customer service does not have the ability to correct an incorrect shipping address because it's onto the next phase? What???? This system is broken. So I'm being told I may have to pay for an order being shipped to the wrong address because they can't stop it, even though it hasn't left the warehouse.
    I manage a retail giant and was a first time shopper on your website. Disgusted.

  2. MY Cole Haan shoe was made with the "exploding rubber" midsole. My sole was great. My upper was great. My midsole was...not great...EXPLODED! So many kinds of rubber, most of them indestructible. This rubber? DEFECTIVE. It killed my shoe. Customer Service says "EAT 'EM!" I don't BUY disposable shoes. I don't buy Cole Haan. Ever again. Cole Haan...EAT 'EM!


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