Rainforest Cafe Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Rainforest Cafe Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Landry's Restaurants, Inc.
1510 West Loop South
Houston, TX 77027 USA
Email: email Rainforest Cafe
Corporate Phone Number: 1-713-850-1010
Fax Number: 1-713-386-7070
Customer Service Number: 1-800-552-6379

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  1. Rainforest Cafe Nashville Tennessee pathetic

  2. Rainforest Cafe Nashville Tennessee Opry Mills pathetic .

  3. Rainforest Cafe Nashville Tennessee Opry Mills pathetic .

  4. Rainforest Cafe Nashville Tennessee pathetic

  5. I had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe in Tempe AZ. The food was adequate, and the staff was courteous, I even dated a few of the waitresses.
    But that was how I learned of the special hell that they, and the rest of the kitchen/server staff, endured everyday at the hands of the most incompetent, purposely negligent, and abusive restaurant management I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.

    I'm still not sure what the worst part was...
    -was it that the mostly low income server staff never washes their hands?
    -was it that there is a persistent roach problem?
    -or was it the overly priced/iced drinks?

    And I'm also having trouble deciding which would be worse to deal with:
    1. The slobbering equivalent of Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford that the General Manager is [just with not as much meth abuse]
    But he is definitely abusing some sort of vice, maybe just booze, but heavy marijuana would also account for the strange behavior I was witness to [long cigarette breaks in his big red pickup, parked in his covert manager only parking spot...]
    The sneaky, high-school level maturity and bullying tactics that shift leads use to harass employees into either quitting or shutting up about their sexual harassment complaints.

    What kind of a company allows this level of treatment in this day and age?

  6. I am very disappointed with the food and service at the great lakes crossing mall.
    My husband and I chose to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary there because we could have great food and drinks(we liked the one in Las Vegas) I understand it was Valentine's day and it was very busy we waited 40 min. For a strawberry daiquiri and another drink we said"well they are busy" we finally received our drinks and waited another hour for our food when we ordered I asked the waitress about the sauce on my food and she said it was a creamy/spicy sauce and I asked for extra on the side well turned out it was soy sauce amd was so salty I had to spit it out! I told my waitress and she said yeah the chef knew it would ruin it I was shocked! So she replaced it with the beefy nacho and it had no beef and a TON of black beans and I said come on is this a punishment Nacho there is no beef on it she said I am sure it is there somewhere and left the check she didn't even come back to collect the money we had to leave it on the table! After 3 hours there we left My husband had to eat his anniversary meal alone while I waited for food and then I had the worst food I had ever had and left hungry and ended up eating steak and shake. So sad because we drove almost 2 hours to eat there and spent 80.00 and then then cost of another dinner. I would definitely never recommend this location to anyone I know because I definitely felt ripped off.

  7. You need to bring one to Holly springs North Carolina it is the best food ever and it’s very fun place

  8. My family and I had the worst experience at the Rainforest Cafe in Atlantic City, NJ. A day that was supposed to be special since it was my father's birthday turned crazy thanks to a manager name Mark.
    My waiter Johnnie Moore was amazing, he tried his best to help us and make us feel better.
    My family was a group of 8 adults , 2 kids and a baby. We understand there's new laws to follow but a manager should definitely know how to explain and handle a situation. My family had to put the kids in a separate table,all we asked was to move it a little closer or the opposite way so we can have a closer look at the kids, our waiter was willing to do this adjustment until manager came rudely and told us new laws and scolded Johnnie infront of us!. What kind of customer service is this! Especially coming from a manager! This manager definitely needs training or needs to get fired. Throughout the whole dinner this manager kept looking at us wrong and kept being rude to our waiter, I felt like it was more of a racial thing, we're Hispanics and he definitely treated us different than what he treated white fellows who came after us. Our whole experience was ruin because of this manager.
    But extremely thankful to Johnnie Moore our waiter who did an amazing job to make it up to us, he went above and beyond for us. Extremely thankful for his service and time. This company should definitely look into hiring him as a manager instead!!!
    Thank you Johnnie once again for doing a way better job than your own manager!


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