Ponderosa Steak House Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Ponderosa Steak House Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Homestyle Dining, LLC
3701 W. Plano Pkwy., Ste. 200
Plano, TX 75075 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-244-8900
Customer Service Number: 1-877-526-6766
Email:  Online Only

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  1. Florence, KY 8053 Holiday Place, Florence, KY. This restaurant is not the same as Ponderosa remembered in past. The food was so very dry and the steam tables are not maintained well. The food was so very dry. A pot of chili had been turned off and was stone cold. It was not an enjoyable experience.

  2. OK so I went to Ponderosa today for lunch with a friend and I shit you not it was the biggest white trash place I have been in in a very long time. The food on the buffet was served out of grandmas pots and pans, not steam table just kitchen pots on a hotplate. Then the food wasnt that great and who the hell puts dill in with steamed carrots? No just put butter and brown sugar with them. Carrots are naturally sweet why bitter them u with dill. Then when going to get dessert I chose some soft serve "Ice cream" which in all actuality was more like ice milk. And all they had was plastic spoons to eat it with. Seriously a real knife and fork but no real spoons. WTF. What am I a 3 year old? I literally had to ask the slow ass waitress for a real spoon and she said they didnt have them but they had teaspoons for coffee. I was like then bring me one of them then. SHe acted all shocked. I am sorry but if I pay 25$ for 2 people tp eat at a shitty buffet I sure as hell am not eating it with plastic utensils. Ugh my life. I should have know better than to venture into Warren, Mi

  3. My friend and I went to Ponderosa several days ago here in Cadillac Michigan. Ordered two senior buffets, one ice tea and one glass of water. The total was 27.00. totally ridiculous price for the tepid food they have on the buffet. Plus it's always the same dry tasteless food. Kudos to the manager for refunding us our money but I won't ever go into another Ponderosa because they are just too pricey for what the have to offer.

  4. Very disappointed that I had to leave the restaurant with 2 starving young children because the computers at the Alliance, OH location "have issues" with visa gift cards. It was the only money I had to feed my kids and they had to leave hungry because Ponderosa's system does not accept legal tender. How ridiculous!

  5. I drove through the Hillsboro, Ohio Ponderosa at 4:30pm today and order the double steak tips meal, large mountain dew, and a medium potato salad. When I went I got to the pick up window I asked for an extra packet or A1. The women at the window rudely told me after spending $15.00 that typically they charge for extra A1. Then when I get home the steak tips are drowning in grease and the French fried are soaked as well. Poor quality bad service and I am a regular customer. I will pick up my food from Dakotas steakhouse moving forward.

  6. We love ponderosa here in beavercreek and dayton ohio, but there is not one near us. I know thousands of ball players who would eat here daily. Bring them nack please.

    1. So do we, but they all closed. Wish they were open again, my family went every friday night, sometimes 3 times a week. Open them back up.

  7. Me,my husband and my aunt went to a ponderosa on seafood night and we ended up in the ER that night. This was on May 3rd and now it is June and we r still having stomach problems. The fish tasted like mud but I didn't notice it bc I was eating tartar sauce with it. My husband got him a piece and told me to taste it by itself. The night manager acted like he didn't care so called the day manager and she said Health Department can and cleared them. She also said food poisoning take more than 24 hrs to set in. She lied bc I've had food poisoning a long time ago and I was sick for over 2 weeks and that was over potato logs not seafood.Here it is June and I still can't eat. I won't ever go to another ponderosa.


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