PDQ Chicken Restaurant Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

PDQ Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
MVP Restaurant Partners
11690 Northpark Drive
Wake Forest, North Carolina 27587 USA
Corporate Phone Number: n/a
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: n/a

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  1. Way to go Tim Tebow. The left wing nuts own the NFL and the media. They hate Christians and morality.
    I bet if you were Muslim they would give you a job.
    Hang in there and good luck with PDQ

  2. Tim will your ever build one in Denver,CO. WE miss you God Bless you always.

  3. My first visit to PDQ in Wellington. Chicken was tough and almost inedible and the fries not so good. Level of food and service not up to Chic Fil a standards

  4. Where are the nutritional facts????

  5. Contacted PDQ in GAinesville Fl about my last order of chicken niggets, why to salty. Usually go there every other week, my kids love the nuggets. But it was so bad my children could not eat the nuggets. This was 3 weeks ago, have not heard from management, no apology etc...Spending over $20.00 on nuggets,,,well it will not happen again. The management/customer service sucks.

  6. Ate @ PDQ @ Pinellas Park, FL today! Food was Great, BUT WHY is there NO SEATING SET ASIDE FOR HANDICAP! There was ONE (1) ONLY Table that we could sit at--right in to the Right of the Front Door!!! Mentioned it to the Runners & they told the manager who did NOT EVEN HAVE THE COURTESY TO STOP BY OUR TABLE! With the seating arrangement you have in that restaurant, I or anyone in a Wheelchair would NEVER be able to get to any other table!! Even Taco Bell, KFC, Chix-Fil-A & Boston Market have dedicated tables for W/C's!!! I can NOT IMAGINE that ANY CHAIN would Design a Restaurant Without this type of Seating. You need to address this situation PDQ...PRETTY DARN QUICK. My E-mail is: [email protected]


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