Zoup Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Zoup Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Zoup! Fresh Soup Company, LLC
28290 Franklin Rd.
Southfield, MI 48034 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-248-663-1111
Fax Number: 1-248-663-9880
Customer Service Number: 1-248-663-9880

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  1. For the second time in less than a year the Zoup e-mail system for mailing daily menus has been compromised!! I live in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area and get daily menus from the Independence, Ohio location. For the last week and a half or two I've also been getting daily e-mail menus from a location at "Centerpoint" in Pontiac, Michigan!

    Either the independent store owner or the corporate office really needs to figure out why this is happening and correct it!

  2. There is a distasteful employee training video on youtube portraying zoup in a very distastefull way

  3. I have been waiting for over a week to be refunded money due to my order going to Canada when I live in Pennsylvania. I had to call Canada and was told my money would be refunded in 24 hours. Then I received an email after writing a complaint that I would be refunded and I still have not been refunded. I never did get to eat that day thanks to Zoup. I will not be ordering from them EVER again. This has left me very angry and I have nothing nice to say about the company. And when I call today to follow up I receive a recording that "Bonnie" who sounds like a robot cannot take my call. So I have left a message and I will be contacting an attorney for my money back.

  4. I along with many other employees and managers at the Zoup!in Bloomington Illinois, on Krispy Kreme drive are very terrified and unsatisfied with the OWNERS son whom should have been fired several times for vandalizing, stealing, harassment, and causing a hostile work environment. He is still employed, and a MANAGER. He is having a current affair with another employee around 20 years younger than him, on the clock. Over 60% of the employees here would like to give there information to Corporate to have this serious issue solved as it should have been by the owners (aka his parents) a very long time ago. I could not find the email address in order to give this complaint and all of our information. He continuously comes into the store off the clock, taking things, and scaring the employees on duty. I have called two corporate numbers to assure this gets fixed along with this message. Otherwise, a police report will be filed for harassment and hostile work environment due to his actions, words, and many other uncalled for things.

  5. The Zoup located on Center Ridge Road in Rocky River, Ohio 44116 should close permanently. There is no staff to work. One reason why they have no staff is because when someone like me had an interviewed scheduled the manager decided to close the store early. I would have been a great employee. This Zoup does not want a staff. The Manager’s name is Michelle. She obviously is a flake.


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