Valvoline Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Valvoline Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Valvoline International, Inc.
3499 Blazer Pkwy.
Lexington, KY 40509 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-859-357-7777
Fax Number: 1-859-357-7733
Valvoline Oil Change: 1-800-327-8242
Customer Service Number: 1-800-832-6825

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  1. I was getting some services done on my vehicle yesterday (12/22/2014) at the Valvoline Instant Oil Change in Nicholasville, Ky. and there was young lady working there that made some inappropriate comment to an African American gentleman that was working there when I overheard her say she would sell him as a slave and make a lot of money off him. I was really disgusted and ashamed that a young man had to experience that on his job and I WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER SERVICE FROM VALVOLINE AGAIN. Sincerely a concerned former customer


  2. On 1/7/2017, I went to the valvaline instant oil change in richwood Kentucky at 2pm. Simple oil change and to have fluids topped off. After being serviced. A technition informs me that he over filled the coolant and not to worry about it. And in addition that my oil pan gasket was leaking and would cost 600.00 to repair. But it also was no big deal. So I left with no concerns.
    So the week to follow, my 2007 town and country has smoke coming from the hood. No mother wants to have such issues on the only vehical that I own. So for a secon opion I took the vehical to another mechanic. He informs me that my radiator isn't leaking. And that whom ever installed the oil filter has installed it incorrectly. And is leaking along with the gasket. And estimated repairs are 160. Then I'm informed that the radiator cap is bad and is causing the vapor that I see coming from under the hood. That the previous technition had destroyed the cap.
    So to whom ever this concerns besides me of course, I'm disappointed in the work preformed on my vehical. The fact that I have to pay additional fees for a second oil change and repairs to a vehical that didn't have such issues until valvoline technitions touched it, is disappointing. This is shotty work. Considering yes maybe I shouldn't of gone on a saterday because the technition was excited to get off, and rushed while working on my vehical. Or maybe he just wasn't qualified to do the work requested. Regardless, a simple task is now a large bill. Single mother with one vehical. I didn't really need the added stress. But yet here it is. Full of disappointment and rage. Nervous as to if my car will make it to the scheadualed day of repair. Due to the leaking fluids. Between leaking coolant that I cannot replace because the cap won't come off. Leaking oil because of the botched oil filter. And a leaking gasket. Thank you valovoline for testing my patience.
    A concerned customer

  3. I was a customer of Valvoline in Louisville, Ky. Not no more! Twice my oil filter has came loose on me. The first it happen. I call and also went back. They took care of the problem. Now the second time this has happen. By me seeing my car leaking oil and having it check to see where it was coming from. I could have really messed up my engine.
    If you take your car to Valvoline for any service to be done. You need to be out there watching them. otherwise they are going to do a micky mouse ass job. And you are pay for it.
    Piss off Customer

  4. after todays incident at ur location 1051 outlet drive Smithfield nc 27577, I will be taking my business and my families business elsewhere as well as informing our friends and inner cirle.....

  5. After I went to your location in Woodville Texas and smelling the drug marijuana coming from your employees I will be taking my business elsewhere. I seriously urge you to test your employees. I can't imagine they will be doing a good job on anyone's vehicle being on drugs.

  6. I went to your Rochelle Park NJ location for an oil change. The technician told me because I had an older car (Subaru Forrester 1999 84,000 mile) that I needed to upgrade to the synthetic oil because I was burning through the cheaper oil. I did that and replaced the air filter as he suggested. I drove 90 mins to my Mom's house. On my return trip home. My check engine light started flashing and the car started smoking. I tried to make it off the next exit. I literally just made it off to the shoulder of the exit. A car pulled in front of me, the man was screaming...….GET OUT your car is on FIRE. Within 5 mins my car was engulfed in flames. Total loss. I contacted your headquarters. Someone from the local Valvoline called saying they would be reviewing the tapes. 5 days later I still haven't had a call back.

  7. I went valvoline in st paul mn for a oil change. They did something that kept my car from starting. When they jumped it he hooked it up wrong sparks were flying. When We got home I notice my radio wasnt working. Then when I tryed touse my auto start that also didnt work. I filed a complaint right away.They replaced the battery.And fixed the radio. I am still waiting o get my auto start. Ever time I call the shop that did it they say the manager isnt in. I sent him a text and still no returned answer. Now Im going to the headquaters. I just want them to fix what they broke.. They talk a good game on the phone but when u want them to do the work they blow u off. Im not happy with them taking respondabilty for there wrong doings.After this is taken care Ill never go back, And ive been going here for years. Lost me!!!!!!!


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