Rodeo Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Rodeo Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
2950 Southmost Rd
Brownsville, TX 78521
Corporate Phone Number: 1-956- 542-1138
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-956- 542-1138

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  1. They dont let u go in the room with ur kids and try to push sedation on kids that dont need to be

  2. Made an appointment they had no record of the appointment, dental assistant demanded we throw the supplies she used in the trash. After speaking with office management about this situation the assistant came to the front office and looked at me very rudely. She also lied about the remote control working to change the channel of the TV.

  3. Rodeo Dental in general has poor company work ethics. Both locations in Main and Forest Hill have horrible follow up call strategies. I have experienced myself first hand, the redundancy of last minute reminders and consistent foul ups in calling patients over and over again for appointments we have already gone to.
    The waiting period is ridiculous as well. How do you have an APPOINTMENT, and wait an average of 45 minutes before getting called back to get seen?!
    Lets not forget the crazy pricing they charge for dental work. For those of us that pay out of pocket, WATCH OUT! These people cant even compete with small clinics in pricing. I had an evaluation, X rays and Cleaning done for 25dls! Top that Rodeo!

  4. They discriminated my special son and lied to medicaid so my son wasn't even seen by the dentist because of the receptionist in the front. He's complaining if a tooth and still didn't see him. Tried talking to a supervisor and no luck with any justice for my son. Going further with a professional of discrimination.


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