Midwest Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Midwest Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Midwest Dental, Inc.
680 Hehli Way
Mondovi, WI 54755 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-715-926-5050
Fax Number: 1-715-926-5405
Customer Service Number: 1-715-926-5050
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  1. I do not like or understand the fact that you do not accept my son's dental insurance. He has United Health Care--Kancare insurance and has been told they do not accept it. I would appreciate an explanation as to why: since you have United Health Care on your list, but guess Kancare is the problem?

  2. Going to midwest dental with our daughter was an absolute nightmare. The older lady who Worked On My Daughter Was Extremely Rude And When My Daughter Didnt Understand Which Way To Move Her Face She Smacked At My Daughters Face And When My Daughter Was In Pain The Dentist Said Your Fine Which I Thought Was Very Unacceptable. I Was Told There Was More Cavities on Each Visit And she never Proved To Me The New Work That Was being Done. One Of The Cavities That was Filled the Filling Feel Out Less Than one week Later. I Waa charged Over $600 To Fill A Few cavities what delta dental insurance. I felt very betrayed by this company and also when the dentist was cleaning her teeth she chipped my was front tooth and said to put in the notes that the tooth was already chipped which told me so much about the integrity of the dentist. I attempted to contact corporate with the time I get off work but I would only get a call when I'm at work. I would NEVER RECCOMEND MIDWEST DENTAL TO ANYONE HUGE MISTAKE TAKING MY DAUGHTER TO MIDWEST DENTA L.


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