Michael Kors Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Michael Kors Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
11 West 42nd Street
New York, NY  10036
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-201-8100

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  1. Purchased items from Michael kors store and they sent it too another address. Then they wanted to give me grief and tell me I write sloppy. My hand writing is actually very good.. How unprofessional....

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  4. is this for real???


    this site sells all, and I mean ALL new and past seasons handbags for $69....
    are you aware of the scam, merchandize probably from China and knock offs flooding the market and ruining your reputation. What are you doing to stop this. More naïve people will get ripped off and it goes to your company name as a slap

  5. Virtual Gift Card really? There were no numbers or pin and MK is telling they have to re-issue it via e-mail which will take 3 to 7 days. Lol calling corporate office now.

  6. Purchased a white Michael Kors bag 12 months ago. The leather has faded and bag looks terrible. The store where I purchased it said they never carried the bag. The computer did show I purchased 2 bags that day and spent over $700.00 Since I don't have my receipt there is nothing they will do. I am deeply disappointed in their service. Quality companies always make products right with the customer. I have purchased several Kors bags but this is my last!

  7. So I have decided to show my boots that I had gotten from MK... They have a tear and they still refuse to fix them for me.. If you feel where it is beginning to tear you can tell that there was never any support in that area like every where else. So that is a result of the defect. How ever because it didn't take "90 days" for the defect to show its self they will not fix my boot after the first guy told me there was a year warranty. So I get my email and send the pictures.. Then I call back because they say I don't qualify for them to fix my boot. I then talk to a guy who could not help me but very friendly. However not able to help me I ask to speak with a supervisor. I talk to this lady who I could barley understand because she was from another country. And she was very eager to hang up with me. She also informed me that the very first call and its recording was lost and no where to be found. Not only that but there was no proof of an email being sent out. So I proceed to read her the email. She then adds she will send a 15% off coupon for my next purchase and I let her know if nothing was done to help me they would never have my business again.. She then says I'm sorry to hear that goodbye. And I told her hold on I am not finished. I want to talk to someone higher than you.. So I was put on hold with out her even telling me. And I waited on the phone for 45 minutes before anyone talked to me. The guy who answered said he would try and find the recording but either way it was a mistake and all he could do is say sorry.. Well to me you said it's a year warranty you need to honor that. And the guy then let me know he would take it as high as it can go but yet still I receive an email that says nothing could be done. I'm sorry but I paid 200$ for these boots and they didn't last me even 9 months. I think MK should want to look better than this. But they are not about their customers. All they care about is putting a name on it and making it cheap.. But making it cost a lot of money... So I just want to let everyone know who MK company really is about.. Don't support the company.. And I did research I am NOT the only one with this problem. So just watch what your truly buying. As for me I am sticking to better made products for half the price. Never again will I support you

  8. Michael Kors products are made in China. I bought a very expensive purse. It started denigrating before my eyes. Company would not stand behind it. It was about a year since I purchased it. Didnt have the exact date I bought it, but they damn sure knew when it was sold to the public. Their customer service is a joke!! Definitely will never buy a MK product again. guess that why you are seeing their products at discount retailers more and more. Not a quality company!!!

  9. Got a pair of MK sandals for my Mom, she wore 1 time, the entire sole came apart! Looks like wolves chewed it them up, and one show actually split down the middle! She's 88 years old, so you know she isn't out digging ditches in them!
    She has a pair of sandals from a bargain store, cost 2.99 and they've help up for 4 years, she wears them all the time and they look almost new. So, you tell me, where is the MK quality??

  10. The worst customer service by their staff at their store in the malls. whether you go to Quaker bridge mall in NJ or Freehold mall NJ. even the managers talk with so much arrogance like they do not want to sell the bags. may be the managers of all michael kors stores are Resellers for their own products on e- bay and amazon. some girls working there told me that. that is why they do not care for customers. I wanted to buy 3 bags and manager started questioning me why I wanted to buy 3 bags. She literally interograted me, even though I was paying with hard CASH.


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