Lovett Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Lovett Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
5681 Fairmont Pkwy
Pasadena, TX 77505 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-281-998-8800
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-281-998-8800
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  1. I have used your dental services quite a bit in the last two years for me and my daughter who is 23 and has Aspergers Syndrome. I send her to an appointment at your office in Corpus Christi and then she calls me an I give them my debit card to pay over the phone because my daughter does not have access to my bank account. Your office manager there at that office took her into a room and told her to sign a payment agreement in my name and had her sign my name. I was not present because I would not sign a payment agreement because I have primary and secondary dental insurance for her and would not pay until both of those insurances had paid what they were going to pay for the visit. She still had a $700 credit from her last visit because they insisted I pay. On this particular visit I had already paid $637 then after they got her to sign my name on the payment plan they debited another $612 from my bank account without my personal permission and I had other bills to pay plus it's just days before Christmas. I feel the dentists that work there do good work but the billing department appears to be underhanded and I am quite upset with them for doing this thing with my handicapped daughter and I never saw a copy of it or was aware of it at all until they debited money from my account. I will be putting in a dispute with my bank and getting the money returned. I will pay the bill after my insurance pays because it is also very difficult to get overpayments out of them also. Disappointed in your business practices. Unfortunately we will have to continue to use your good dentist but I would appreciate someone training your office management on their practices.

  2. I had a similar experience at Lovett Dental. I advised the office manager that a particular service which she wanted to charge me for was in fact covered by my insurance. I also showed her a copy of my benefits. She argued with me about it so I called my insurance company to confirm. My insurance company had her on the phone and confirmed that I did indeed have coverage, but that they were using a different billing code. My insurance also advised that if Lovett Dental wanted to use that code that would be okay so long as there was a detailed description of the type of service (they would be able to figure out that I was covered even though a different code was used - happens sometimes). The office manager refused the treatment until my insurance company guaranteed payment via fax. The office manager even made sure to go back to the dentist and hygienist to ensure that I was not offered the service for which I was covered. It was extremely uncomfortable and in my opinion very tacky of her to do this after my insurance assured her that the phone call was being recorded and that Lovett Dental would indeed receive payment for service. I have also noticed that on their treatment plan there are different codes throughout that are used which do not match my plan. I pointed this out and the office manager said that it's not her problem that my insurance company does not have the correct codes in the system. Is it my insurance company or is it Lovett Dental? Regardless, any person with a little bit of intellect can look at my benefits' descriptions and see whether or not I am covered. If my insurance company does not pay for whatever reason, then Lovett Dental has my address, phone number, etc. to where they could bill me for whatever services my insurance carrier did not cover. The office manager said that I don't need to have the service if I don't want it, but my point is that it is indeed a covered service. Why did we call my insurance twice if she was not going to honor their word? Why did I waste 2 hours at the dentist office contacting my insurance company two times for a total of 20 minutes with the dentist/hygienist?

  3. hace un año me arreglaron una muela .personal y la dentita muy eficiente.y muy amable
    pague una cantidad de 2100 en la cual mi asegranza pagaria como 650 .
    me dieron un credito de 900 dolls. al cual pague a tiempo y lo pague en diciemdiciembre. quiero recalcalcar que todo paso el año pasado en Agosto del 2015.
    contenta por haberme arreglado la muela.
    Bueno en enero me llego mi primera carta de cobro que les devo la cantidad de 524.
    e hablado 2 beses y me dicen que ban a mirar por que no se a pagado.
    ya tienen 90 dias y o mas .
    hoy hable con una manager y quiere que le pagara una catidad y
    le dije por que pagare yo un error de la compañia de Lovett dental en Baytown Houston.
    ellos me dijieron que era un error del personal de ventas .
    ahora me mandaran rectotor.
    me ndijieron que el doctor que me hizo el root canal no lo habia aprobado mi aseguranza cuando los de Lovett dental me dijieron que si.
    ellos mismos trajieron su dentista a su clinica y tuve que esperar 15 dias para mirar el dentista .
    al mi parecer Lovett dental esta haciendo que sus clients paguen aunque sus aseguranzas no lo aprueben .

  4. Your website states that you have pediatric dentist available, but the Beaumont TX office will only see a child up to the age of 8. Pediatrics is up to the age of 13. Why can't you see a pediatric dentist in Beaumont Texas if you are over the age of 8?

  5. All I can say is the office that is on Louetta Rd. in The Vintage area has "crazy" people working there. Mainly the Dentist herself.

  6. Do you ever reply to complaint s here it is 2017 and same problems occurring in Corpus Christi

  7. Do you ever reply to complaint s here it is 2017 and same problems occurring in Corpus Christi

  8. Hi,

    I need to share this with everyone who is a patient of Lovett. I had a similar experience in 2014 at their Kirby Dr. location in Houston. I went there in an emergency situation when my molar cracked. Aida Covic, the office manager charged me upfront $1,000 for the crown I needed without even checking with my insurance, which pays 50% of dental work. It took me more than a month to recoup the 50% paid by my insurance.
    I left Lovett Dental for good after that BAD experience. Flash forward, now I need to have root canal done through that crown. It appears that crown was not set right nor the doctor did a root canal to avoid this kind of situation. I asked them to release my records and they want to charge my $28 for the X-rays that I have already paid for at the time, and which I practically own.
    I am trying to reach out to John Mayfield the CEO of Lovett, still waiting for him to return my phone call. Because of the subpar work they did, that crown would end up costing me $3,000 because the endodontist who will perform the root canal cannot guarantee the crown will not be damaged procedure. Thus I might need a new crown, estimated at $1,200.
    Wish me good luck. Thank you.

    Everyone who reads this message, please do your homework before you go to that office. Also please ask for your records at the time of service and be aware that they offer ONLY 1 yr warranty on their dental work.

  9. Very unprofessional staff at hwy 6 location n Houston

  10. I went to Katy Lovett Dental and was VERY disappointed. I went in to be seen about my wisdom teeth (if he could do the procedure or refer me if not). My wisdom teeth are coming in directly at my teeth, from what I saw with my own eyes on an x-ray years ago, and this man proceeded to tell me the pain I had was in my head, that instead of removing my wisdom teeth, I needed a root canal!! From what I gathered, he was not qualified enough to dig into my gums, but he could do a root canal just fine, and that's how he would get my money that day. I proceeded to put down 60% for the root canal to be done another day before going home, thinking about it, and changing my mind. It will now take "3-4 weeks" for my refund to come from corporate who will not answer my calls. I need my wisdom teeth out asap as they are causing me pain and don't have MY money to do because of MONEY HUNGRY LOVETT DENTAL who does NOT have anyone's best interest at heart.

  11. I wi be submitting my claim to the Attorney General's office and the BBB & consumerfraud. Recieved a collection notice from 4yrs ago and the are refusing to provide documentation

  12. The heights office is pathetic. I was lied to by everyone including Dr.Kathrine Hoffman. She would not perform basic cleaning, scaling above the gum line and polishing, unless I paid for deep cleaning >$500.00. Dr. H and Lovett in general are far more interested in generating revenue, than providing patent care.


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