Heartland Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Heartland Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Heartland Dental Care, Inc.
1200 Network Centre Drive Suite 2
Effingham, IL 62401 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-217-540-5100
Fax Number: 1-217-540-5600
Customer Service Number:1-217-540-5100

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  1. I was in the Alpharetta Georgia for a appointment to have some work done. I have never seen a office that was so loud and rude. Three of the females working there were very loud and showing total disrespect for the poor lady working at the front desk...she could not even hear the clients or the phone calls she was receiving. The office manage and two other ladies, or should I even call them ladies. They were talking about the doctors and hygienist with total disrespect. How can a office manager allow this to go on with the employees of a business, it's so unbelievable. The poor lady at the front desk was the only professional in that office. The disrespect they were showing all the clients and phone calls were unbelievable. I have decided to take my business elsewhere. This office manager and two other girls should be working for a gossip column at the inquirer not a dental office.

  2. I was leaving a comment but have seen that one already existence at the same office I was complaining about. You have some very rude people working for your company! The Office manager is a complete Bitch.

  3. I was in the fort pirce location, the office manager Thia has got to be the most unquilified and rude person to the patiants and staff i have ever encountered. I will never go back intil she is gone. Will be contacting the bbb and asha.

  4. I have had a botched procedure and my insurance company was overbilled at their Montgomery blue bonnet location. They have owed me a credit of 550.00 since November. I finally alerted my insurance company as to what was going on. They had to retract one of the claims but they are giving me the run around about my refund. They say that their refunds has to come from their home office Heartland but they would never give me a name or number of where Heartland was located so that I could follow up. They also to my bottom partial to adjust it. They made a crown for my tooth and was going to hold partial to adjust it once they put the permanent crown on. I came back for the permanent crown and was told that I really needed a root canal on the same tooth. I asked why didn't they inform me of this before they did the crown because it would have been cheaper to extract the tooth and add the tooth to my partial. They said that they had just switched dentists and I should just have the root canal. I asked about the other two crowns that I was in need of, will they need a root canal. This has been going on since November 2017 and if it was the other way around, they would have sent my account to collections! Now I can not get another partial this soon through my insurance, they will not refund me my credit and I have to walk around unable to smile because I no longer have a partial. The whole thing was handled terrible.


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