Greenburg Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Greenburg Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Pompano Beach, FL 33065 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-954-575-3525

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  1. The Rio Salado College Dental Clinic re-opened earlier this week. The clinic is located across the street from RSC Tempe at 2323 W. 14th street. check this out

  2. My wife went to the Bradenton office yesterday for a root canal procedure.
    The dentist left twice during the procedure to do other consults. After being in the chair for for quite a while the Novocaine was wearing off. So instead of giving her another shot, she squirted some in the cavity. After 2.5 hrs she told my wife I didn't get to the bottom so you will have to come back. Maybe if she hadn't left to do consults, she could have finished. Is it normal for you to leave a patient in pain and then tell them to come back in a month? When my wife started crying they moved the appointment to two weeks out, saying that they were doing her a favour. Is it normal to stop a procedure without getting the nerve all the way to the bottom? Before I start posting online reviews of your practice, I would like to get your comments.
    William Witkowski 315 882 2450

  3. Horrible manners from the current orthodontist at the Winter Garden location of Orlando. Using his staff to avoid financial issues. Will not speak to patient at all regarding finances. Intentional avoidance!! I've never experienced this with any physician in my life. He lacks compassion and is overall extremely rude. While I appreciate Greenberg Dental services. I would personally find another location that doesn't use him as the orthodontist. He's the worst and won't last long there. He's young and inexperienced. It was a dreadful encounter and I would never allow him to treat my child.


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