Forward Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Forward Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
American Dental Partners, Inc.
401 Edgewater Place Suite 430
Wakefield, MA 01880
Corporate Phone Number: 1-781-224-0880
Fax Number: 1-781-224-4216
Customer Service Number: Contact Your Local Location

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  1. Because of Hana Alberti I will never go to a Forward Dental again.

  2. Never filed the claim other than a pre-auth for a crown procedure I had done at Forward Dental of Wisconsin. Now Corporate is threatening me with attorneys and late fees! NEVER will I go to a Forward Dentist again!!!!! My insurance mailed them a check and it was cashed by Forward and I still receive threatening letters! AVOID this dental group!!!! Rick Schmid, Wisconsin

  3. Insurance denied my claim saying dentist was not in the plan. She was new to the company and had not yet been approved by the insurance plan. So I am billed for services. Also, xrays were taken that are not covered by the plan but I am sitting in the chair and do not have the plan book with me, nor would I even think I had to bring it with me to determine that these were outside the scope of my plan. Then I get a dunning letter threatening further action by Forward. A call to their office said it was being resubmitted and to wait 6 weeks. In the meantime I get the First invoice. Since it's not 6 weeks I believe insurance is still in process. Next I get another dunning letter threatening to send the whole thing to a collection agency. So I am paying the balance under protest and cancelling all appointments. Never will I go there again


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