DelWebb Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

DelWebb Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
PulteGroup, Inc.
100 Bloomfield Hills Parkway Suite 300,
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
Corporate Phone Number: 1-248-647-2750
Fax Number: 1-248-433-4599
Customer Service Number: 1-248-647-2750

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  1. I think you should consider building a 55+ community around Tinley Park, Orland Park or Mokena Illinois. A lot of empty nesters looking to downsize but no where to go

  2. You need to carefully vent who you sponsor on cable. CNN is been caught many times putting their political spin on the news. I won't watch MSNBC or CNN

  3. Have you considered building a 55+community in Sierra Vista, AZ? There are 2 communities here, but if the costs were kept down on the homes, and if you had what most of the Del Webb communities have to offer it would sell out.

  4. I think you should consider building a 55+community in Sierra Vista, AZ. There is a beautiful Del Webb community I Sahuarita, AZ, reasonable priced home and a very well maintained community. Sierra Vista has 2 55+communities, but they are loosing their residences because they do not know how to really form a community for seniors. BW

  5. I am scheduled to stay in the Sun City community in Georgetown, Texas next month. I just read an article that lists Del Webb as an advertiser on FOX's Tucker Carlson show. Are you all at Del Webb aware of the offensive things he says on this show and in the past on other shows? It matters to me who the company I keep is, and if the Del Webb properties support the racist, misogynist, never ending cycle of hate Tucker Carlson spews, I am not sure I want to be involved with a community that supports views these advertisements are evidently reaching out to.

  6. Are there any future plans to build a Del Webb community in the Northwest part of S Carolina. Greenville County in particular, or surrounding county.. This is a Booming area !!!!

  7. I have been on wait list for over a month at del webb Lakewood ranch. Lots have opened for purchase. Because my realtor was not at work on the day they opened I was bypassed again. price has gone up 20k in the meantime. My realtor has been too busy to return my calls for updates. I feel this is very unfair to me. He said he would try to get a reservation for me but hasnt. this is unjust and should be remedied

  8. Having the most unfortunate experience of buying a home from a Travis Kenney in the Georgetown community last month. We purchased a previous model home "as is" and we aren't taking issue with the numerous costly things we've found ($2300 totally broken sprinkler system), after moving in last month.
    He did LEGALLY AGREE to replace the dilapidated roof and service the AC per our insistence. His spin? "We agreed to do the right thing." No! You also hired the cheapest bidders, didn't do the entire front porch or check their pathetic work habits. Nails and bags strewn throughout our yard is unacceptable, but you get what you pay for.
    We agreed to buy it with everything else we were told was wrong. You did nothing kind.
    Upon arrival, the AC doesn't work. We hire someone and discover it is OUT of freon and requires a new capacitor. We're told it's impossible it received service in the last two months.
    I forward the $364 receipt to Mr.Kenney and he sends me a copy of proof he had it checked per the contract, but it's dated MAY. I point this out to him and his smart alec, disrespectful response was "You need to let this go."
    Seriously, dude? Do you think just because you serve senior citizens we won't come for you if you don't follow rules and laws? You think we're stupid or losing our minds? Does bullying your grandmother work? Because it doesn't on me.
    But wait! It gets soooo much better! At closing, where HE seemed aware our useless realtor was going to be absent and send no other representative when we didn't, he strolls in and hands us ONE HOUSE KEY, TWO OUT OF THREE WORKING GARAGE DOOR OPENERS AND HAD NO IDEA WHAT THE OUTSIDE DOOR PAD CODE IS! "As is" ya know. Yes, one does anticipate rekeying a new home. However THIS was a model home, sold furnished, with keys and openers in goodness knows how many hands. It was under contract for weeks. Not only did they not care less about their own investment and our potential future property, he didn't even give us the dignity of knowing we needed to hire someone to immediately change these items out for our safety.
    Just yesterday l was able to have someone out to recode the garage openers. He walks up to the keypad outside, taps the button and the door rolls up immediately. I won't write what either of us said at that moment, but he was shocked that it didn't even matter about all the renters could enter. Anyone at any time could stroll on up and come right on in and Mr.Kenney was totally cool with that because... "as is." No, we were not given an indoor garage door key, so it remained unlocked. At that point, the pad was ripped off the wall and l was told not to even put it in the garbage, as a battery could activate it again.
    This information was sent to Mr. Kenney and told to all neighbors who bought model homes. The sheer reckless behavior is simply reprehensible. There is absolutely no excuse to place anyone in such a dangerous and precarious position to save a few dollars.


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