British Airways Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

British Airways Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
British Airways Plc
Head Office Address:
Waterside HBA3 or PO Box 365
Harmondsworth, UB7 0GB UK
Corporate Phone Number: +44-20-87385117
Lost Baggage: 1-718-425-5550
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-247-9297

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  1. My wife and I recently traveled with British Airways for the first time. I have traveled on business for years and we travel frequently for pleasure, but never had flown with British Airways. I just wanted someone to know that our experience could not have been better. The staff, the plane and the service were the best we have ever experienced. I have never had better service and more friendly staff than with British Airways. You can be sure everyone I know will hear about our experience and we will request British Airways whenever possible in the future. Whatever your training procedures and hiring practices are, please don't change a thing!!! Thank you for a fabulous vacation.

    1. I wish I could say the same thing but unfortunately, our recent travel experience with British airways was the worst I've ever had in my entire traveling years. My husband and I are also global travelers and travel mostly for pleasure. I've flown with lots of airlines, including British Airways but our most recent trip to Europe in early July was with American Airline partnered with British airways and everything went wrong in this trip. From losing my luggage for the entire trip to losing our confirmed seats on flight back home and coming home three days later. The two airlines have the worst partnership and work extremely poorly together. I’d never been treated so poorly by any airline’s personnel. I definitely do not recommend flying with AA or BA and I won't ever travel with either of these two airlines.

  2. I traveled on British Airways on June 24-June 26 and July 5. I had a horrible experience and will not use them again. I traveled with two of my friends. We were supposed to arrive in Barcelona on June 25. Our flight was cancelled so many times we did not get to Barcelona until June 26 and almost missed our cruise. Our luggage was lost and two of us did not have clothes for the entire trip. We had to purchase clothes and other items to get by. Needless to sat certain personal items are not sold at gift shops. On the way home flights were still cancelled and they lost one set of luggage again. The staff on the plane were great. I sat in traveler plus on the way home which was very nice as well. Do to the other experiences the three of us will not use them again.

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  4. As a former executive club gold member for almost 20 years, I must express my angry feelings about your customer service both with on-line bookings and holiday travel. Having travelled on British Airways hundreds of times, and wanting to take a holiday business trip, I booked a business flight over TEN MONTHS in advance last week. In communications with your customer service yesterday, to amend my booking back one day, I was informed that there were severe fees, penalties, and additional charges that I would incur. At this point, I am now disgusted with the thought at even flying on British Airways, and request that you consider refunding, and cancelling all of my bookings, and return 100% of any and all expenses including foreign currency fees to my visa account. I cannot believe that this , once wonderful company has established such terms and conditions to their advance purchase prices. In the United Kingdom, you honor cancellations within 24 hours, but you refuse to honor the same terms to those outside of the United Kingdom. Shame on you! I will never fly British Airways again.

  5. Please reference the memo I posted as anonymous on October 24, 2016, requesting you cancel ALL OF MY BOOKINGS, that did not happen, as I had to go and cancel a booking today Reference 6BOUMR. As a retired pensioner on fixed income, I cannot afford the thought of giving you over 4000.00 for a reservation that was made 4 days before I sent the above referenced email to you. I want you to listen to the recording of that booking conversation that was recorded between me and your representative at customer services "MANI" and I would appreciate a response from you as to the fairness, and public relations effects that your company is demonstrating to the flying public. It is deplorable that the charges and fees, that are being assessed by your company takes so very much advantage, for no revenue loss other that time spent on phone calls. Rest assured that you will never see me on a British flight now or ever, and I would hope that your public image and fairness is worth more than the 4000.00 you are gouging from me, who can ill afford to lose it.

  6. NO MORE EXPORT CENTER!!! POOR booking, no one speaks English clearly, no one helps with med condition, austistic child with peanut allergy "forced" to sit by stranger, miserable flight for ALL PASSENGERS!


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