Woodman's Corporate Office Headquarters

Woodman's Corporate Office Headquarters
2631 Liberty Lane
Janesville, WI  53545
Corporate Phone Number: 1-608-754-8382
Corporate Fax Number: 1-608-754-8317

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  1. I think you should open one in Modesto California we need something different to kill all the competion

  2. Hello; I was at your North Aurora, Illinois location and I bought some of the musselmen’s candy apple slices in the jar. It shattered after opening the jar and from looking at it; it was cracked completely. Also it was sealed up pretty convincing to see it wasn’t cracked until you opened it. Now I have been through your managers about the way each employee has bagged my groceries for months and it’s the same explanation; “ok; I will check on that.” Someone in your office needs to cross train the employees and straighten up the management; because it’s unacceptable for a employee to stock food products and damage it and try to cover up the mistakes. Please correct this. My next email will go to someone above you.


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