WestJet Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

WestJet Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
WestJet Airlines Ltd.
22 Aerial Place NE
CALGARY, AB T2E 3J1 Canada
Corporate Phone Number: 1-403-444-2600
Fax Number: 1-403-444-2301
USA Customer Service Number: 1-855-547-2451
Canadian Customer Service: 1-888-937-8538

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  1. My wife and myself looked on line to book a vacation to the Iberostar NV Mexico. On Oct 10th at 11:00pm CST the price including taxes was $6265.70 CDN. When we went to book the exact same holiday on Oct 11th at 9:00am the price had moved up $300.00PP. If this is Westjets procedure we will never fly with you airline again. your commercials say you care about your customers even running after them to give back lost items. with this additude for customers I would thing false advertising. Denis Gregoire

  2. WestJet are a bunch of thieves. They take your money even if you don't fly with them. If you cancel for some reason or another they keep your money and don't give you a credit towards another flight at a different time. They must need the money real bad. They try to keep up favorable images by giving gifts to people on Christmas but they're really thieves. What they're doing is illegal.


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