Vonage Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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Vonage Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
23 Main Street
Holmdel, NJ  07733
Corporate Phone Number: 1-732-528-2600
Corporate Fax Number: 1-732-834-0189
Customer Service Number: 1-800-608-5590

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  1. We have been Vonage customers for nearly 20 years. The service is terrific UNLESS and UNTIL I need help! I forget each time how bad it is. I have now called 3 numbers for business support and they don't connect. I keep getting back to the beginning where I press 1 for residential or 2 for business. Some numbers I've been given today don't work at all! I want to know when we will get the new Vonage box for 202-448-2988. I keep being told "in 3 days" but it has been 7 days since the order was placed


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