The Learning Experience Corporate Office Headquarters

The Learning Experience Corporate Office Headquarters
4855 Technology Way
Boca Raton, FL  33431
Customer Service Number: 1-888-865-7775
Corporate Fax Number: 1-561-886-6430

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  1. I want to put a legal comment in regarding your daycare in Pennington, NJ. That boss there is the most insensitve ever!! My husband is 78 and has leukemia and is going to be operated on tomorrow and my daughter is an employee there and the boss wont let her take off to take him for surgery on his bladder. I want her terminated or I am legally going to file a complaint with the FCC and the FDIC. ITs unfair practices and unfair to my husband. We have no other means of transportarion but the public one and he cant ride the bus to and from there. We dont depend on her that much but this is a case of an emergency. I want a repsonse back by my email of [email protected] within 2 hours, or else.

    1. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I feel like all the learning experiences are terrible

  2. This corporation is a joke! Definitely reporting them to BBB... For stealing money from over 60 families. January 1st they increased the entire schaumburg locations tuition to turn around on February 2nd and give everyone a 2 week notice that they are closing....are you really that stupid of a business to think people are not going to notice that obviously you knew January... the company was going down hill.... And you purposely and intentionally took more money from hard working families to gain an extra buck....!!! We, as the families, pay your salaries and then you go and steal from us and think you can get away with! I am so looking forward to a call/response back... You can get my information from your schaumburg location! I'll be sure that the other 60+ families are also aware of how this corporation stole their money!

  3. The Jacksonville Southside location is the most sneakiest center my child has ever gone to. Just last week I witnessed the center director/owner and I assume her husband bullying and yelling at two employees in the hallway and the worst part was the director/owner had a stroller with infants while her husband was yelling over them. I'm concerned about the safety of children here because of the sexual abuse case they dealt with last year and now this, I'm wondering what really goes on when we leave our kids there and go to work. Warning Parents: Don't be fooled by the niceness the owner/director portrays. A PHD does not make her any different from the dream seller Kevin Trudeau. Corporate, you need to take a better look into this franchise.

  4. I think it's utterly ridiculous that you serve soup to your toddler class (12-24 months). Does your toddler know how to get a spoon of soup into his/her mouth? The days where you do serve it, like today, she comes home screaming because she is starving. Not only that, but no one eats your steamed carrots snack. I'd rethink your toddler menu if I were you guys.

  5. Beware...MOLD MOLD MOLD in the playground mulch at your Learning Experience center .Especially in areas of water play . May be hidden under new mulch.Could be linked to ; colds ,runny noses, rash, hives,itching,scratching, fevers,asthma, ear infections, short and long term health problems. STOP BEING CHEAP TLE . All installations of these areas should be properly installed (not just the newer TLE centers)to avoid this problem. Our child had some of these symptoms when playing on the mold infested mulch at our TLE . When we told teachers to keep our child out of play ares with mulch ,some symptoms went away immediately. There solution,, put a few inches of new mulch on top of mold infested mulch , with no removal of mold infested mulch . (Kids easily dig, kick, throw, eat,move mulch).BEWARE ALLERGIC CHILDREN...SHAME ON YOU TLE ...ONLY YOU CAN BE THE BEST ADVOCATE FOR YOU CHILD . When they know better they should do better for all children.

  6. I have been associated with the Foxboro center for 3 years and I have to say, the families and children are fantastic, however, the turn over rate for teachers is disgustingly high. Management, I feel, plays a big part in that fact. The director there is rude, she picks arguments with staff, and lies about comments she makes and conversations she has had. I learned quickly to write everything down. Management thinks nothing of walking into a classroom and yelling at staff in front of the children, and other staff members. they also pick and choose what information regarding children and their families is ok to document. telling staff to not document things potentially file able in our views. I know this is not the first time you have heard complaints about the management in Foxboro, and shame on you for not doing something about it. children should not come to school and watch their teachers be yelled and under minded..

  7. The center in middle island ny is a disaster! The owner is a greedy idiot


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