Stop and Shop Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Stop and Shop Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
1385 Hancock Street
Quincy, MA  02169
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-767-7772

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  1. i WORKED FOR sTOP AND sHOP FOR 30 YEARSso I hesitate to write this, but I feel I have to.I just came home from the S&S in Watertown, Ct.I went to the only Express line open with 4 items.The woman in front of me had 26 items.When I calmly pointed out to her that she was in Express lane, she said,"Dont worry about it. mind your own business."I knew it wasnt the cashiers fault, so I got the CDH, who wasnt interested, and said he wouldnt be able to do anything, but he did come over.Woman continued with remarks like, "You saw how many items I had and still got in line,and you should have gotten to self scan."Not getting results, I asked for store manager, who offered to take me to other register, but woman was all done, so there was no point.NO ONE ADRESSED CUSTOMER WHO HAD TOO AMNY ITEMS AND CONTINUED TO BE RUDE TO ME.wE USED TO BE ABLE TO TELL CUSTOMERS WITH TOO MANY ITEMS TO USE ANOTHER LANE.TAKE DOWN THE EXPRESS SIGNS THEN!!!!I would like to add, the cashier Kathy was very nice and apolgetic to me, but felt helpless to do anythingSo while that 1 customer was satisfied. there were at least 3 who were not.Customers behind me got out of line.

  2. Take down Express lane signs because some people ignore them Had an experience today with woman had 26 items, and told me to mind my own business.I got CDH and Store Manager, and neither said anything to customer about items.What is the point ?Customers behind me got out of that line.Watertown, Ct.

  3. Cranston RI Stop and Shop has designated our non-profit as their Community Bag recipient for the entire month of June! We truly appreciate Stop and Shop's commitment to the communities they serve.


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