SodaStream Corporate Office Headquarters

SodaStream Corporate Office Headquarters
SodaStream USA
One Mall Drive
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-763-2258
Fax Number: 1-856-667-7893
Customer Service Number: 1-800-763-2258

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  1. I just can not get my 33 OZ carbonators exchange for full ones. I wonder why.
    I am in Strongsville Ohio.

  2. I am very disappointed with your recent changes in your soda mix product line. Apparently, you are no longer offering Diet Cream and Caffeine Free Diet Cola. These are the only 2 flavors my wife drinks and your availability of them was the sole reason why I purchased your machine 3 years ago. We will now be forced to resume purchasing bottles from the stores. My wife can only drink diet and caffeine free soda for medical reasons. I am sure you had numerous other customers that will be making the same decision. It appears to me that eliminating flavors was a poor business decision. I can understand why you would add new flavors but not eliminating others. I would never have bought your machine and I am sure that you will lose numerous new potential customers for the same reason. Please reconsider the elimination of these flavors.

  3. I live in Pueblo, Colorado. I purchased a Sodastream sparkling water maker with the understanding that I would be able to buy refilled canisters (and exchange my empty canister) for about $16, rather than the full price new canister for $30. Unfortunately, I cannot find a local store that provides the exchange service any longer, including Walmart, where I originally bought the Sodastream machine. I am very frustrated and disappointed by this lack of service.


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