WMATA Corporate Office Headquarters

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WMATA Corporate Office Headquarters
600 5th Street NW
Washington, DC  20001
Corporate Phone Number: 1-202-962-1234

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  1. The C8 bus leaving whittling metro going to college park at 530pm is late everyday. I ask the driver why and he told me he can't come to the shop if he don't have a bus to drive. It's about 50 passenger that ride the bus in the evening. The bus never get to whiteflint until 5:50pm or 6pm everyday when it's clearly posted in your website that the bus comes at 530pm everyday. It's cold out now and people pay their fate to support metro why can't the bus be on time. Last week when it rain he pulled up at you and told everybody they didn't have to pay. I'm referring to bus number 6394/ C8 to college park metro


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