WB Mason Corporate Office Headquarters

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WB Mason Corporate Office Headquarters
59 Centre Street
Brockton, MA  02303
Corporate Phone Number: 1-508-586-3434

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  1. Owl Computing has been a loyal customer of Staples for over 10 yrs that we have been in business.
    WB Mason has been soliciting their business and leaving their huge catalogs w/our reception since we’ve been in the Ridgefield, CT area for over 6 yrs.

    I finally spoke w/the account exec yrs ago and said we would try them and when I did I was so disappointed w/the service I received that I stopped using them. All four orders I placed which were small were incorrect and I had to take time to call them for the correct items and it took more than once to get it right and they were never delivered the next day. I have never had an issue w/Staples in over 10 yrs and will never give WBMason another chance especially since they never ask for me every time they stop by and just want to leave their catalog again and again.

    So please please please take Owl Computing Technologies off your solicitor list or whatever you may call it and stop leaving us catalogs that are too big for our recycle trash bins.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


    Susan McMahon
    Executive Office Administrator


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