Aubuchon Hardware Corporate Office Headquarters

Aubuchon Hardware Corporate Office Headquarters
W.E. Aubuchon Co., Inc.
95 Aubuchon Dr.
Westminster, MA 01473 USA
Email: [email protected]

Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-978-874-0521
Fax Number: 1-978-874-2096
Customer Service Number: 1-800-431-2712

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  1. Why can I never reach one of your stores by telephone to check on an item to see if its in stock, etc? The phones are either not answered or off the hook.

  2. there is drug use being used at the lake placid store by employee HENRY&BRANDON and the manager DONALD is doing nothing about it he is the rudist person i have ever meant if this isn't resolve i will no longer shop there.

  3. This is regarding your store in Fair Haven, VT. I am 70 yrs old and have been shopping in this store for many years. Mark who is now a DM or something that is working in that store is extremely rude/cold and makes me and others I have talked to feel like we are bothering him when we go in. Sharon has been there for years and I have heard him treat her unkindly. She has been loyal to Aubuchon as was her dad Jerry. Is there no dedication to these employees. You did the same thing in Whitehall-brought in a rude person and the store was closed-that manager drove everyone out too. Mark my words this will eventually happen in Fair Haven too. Shame on Aubuchon for allowing this to happen!

  4. Very rude response to a question I asked in your vergennes store lady name I believe was Joanne. She's an old lady blond hair looks like she's going bald. Never been treated so poorly as she treated me.

  5. To whom this may concern...…...........I wanted to let you know.........…….The phone in the Lewiston, Maine store has been disconnected......…..Your websites and 411 all have you listed for said number. It is disconnected!!! I called another contractor friend and he told me other contractor friends have just stopped going to any Aubuchon stores, unless they get desperate for a part or two!! How can this happen!! OMG...You people are frustrating!!!!

  6. Manager in Newport NH store is arrogant, rude and negligent in Covid 19 protection, exposing others to his bad temper and lack of a mask while yelling in someone's face.
    Totally irresponsible.


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