The Food Emporium Corporate Office Headquarters

The Food Emporium Corporate Office Headquarters
Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co Inc.
Two Paragon Drive,
Montvale, NJ 07645 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-5739700
Fax Number: 1-201-930-4079
Gift Cards: 1-800-219-0149
Customer Service Number: 1-866-443-7374

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  1. I visited the your branch on 68th n 3rd and first I must say what marvellous team specially the customer service n the cashier. They're so sweet. But what I can't seems to understand is, as I was speaking to one of the staff members, is the shortness of caishier. The lines will be long with very few register open which is not fair to either the workers or the customer. These people are like a family to me and I would love to see all of them being treat right and be happy at work.

  2. This afternoon I surreptitiously watched 2 people steal meat, so I immediately went to the information desk and reported it. After a considerable delay, two or three employees walked around near the check-out area, with confused looks on their faces. By that time the 2 had left the store.
    This happened at Food Emporium located @ 43rd St. & 10th Ave., Manhattan, NYC. I even returned to the meat area, but they were already gone. Sloppy security.

  3. The store's lack of interest in my reporting a theft is astonishing. Since I have nothing to hide, I'd be happy to supply my name & email address.I shudder to think how much money that particular store loses because of this sort of brazen thievery. BTW, they were pork chops + various other similar meat products.

  4. The location on West 43rd street is not professional at all. The manager is basically very anal when he talks to his customers. His name is Steve. I'm not so sure how that man still has his job as a store manager.

  5. Inferior quality of meat used in Ground Beef

    I have recently (in the last year or so) bought "ground beef" ostensibly ground by the butcher labeled "Ground Beef 80% meat 20% fat". When I ask what cut of beef, I am fluffed off with an answer like, "if it is 80/20" it is PROBABLY ground chuck. But it does not taste like ground chuck, nor does it cook like ground chuck. It has a chewy consistency and has no flavor at all. I would not feed it to my dog. If there is chuck in it, it is not the only unidentifiable cut of meat in the composition.

    I want GROUND CHUCK and only ground chuck, which has a very distinctive flavor, has 20% fat which cooks out as you sauté the meat and does not taste like a ground up rubber band.

    Why did you change? Gristedes still sells Ground Chuck, labeled as such and which tastes like chuck which defies the other argument I get about federal regulations vs meat labeling. I think this is shoddy merchandising and meant to fool the consumer.

    Shame on you. I should not have to buy meat labeled only by the presumed percentage of fat content. I am sure that buttered cow testicles have 20% fat content. That does not make them chuck or even edible ground meat.

    How do I get you to rethink your position on this? Do I have to go to Gristedes which is farther away???? If I go there for meat, I will end up buying everything else there.

    Not a very good marketing position.

    I am very dissatisfied customer!

  6. The store on 43rd and 10th is horrible. I go to Brooklyn Fare on 37th btw 9th and 10th now. Superior everything including prices and employees. Goodbye food emporium.

  7. Hello

    I purchased a qt of Urban Meadow half and half from the Food Emporium location in Howard Beach NY. The half and half expiration date was MAY 2020. When i opened it the next morning it was completely rotten, smelled terrible and full of lumps. When I called the store they said they would not refund my money ($5) because of COVID 19???!!!!!!!! These days who has money to flush down the toilet???

    I was sold rotten milk. i deserve my money back. terrible customer service. I will no longer shop in any of your stores. This could have made someone VERY sick.

    I fee bad for the elderly people that got the rotten milk as well.

    Very disappointed.


  8. The west 43rd location falsely accused me today of stealing. I have been a customer to this supermarket since 2001. This location has gotten ghetto. Some of the cashiers are very nice and some are rude. Its ghetto for such a expensive supermarket in hells kitchen it should be better tuned

  9. Bought meat at location on 43rd and 10th, when it was time to cook, I realized it was spoiled. Was told that I couldn’t get a refund despite the fact that the food sold was spoiled and rancid

  10. Employee at 452 W 43rd St Food Emporium working with food on shelves not wearing mask 8/17/21, 3:22pm.


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