TCBY Corporate Office Headquarters

TCBY Corporate Office Headquarters
402 Fieldwood Drive
Richardson, TX  75081
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-669-9220

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  1. I would like to speak to someone regarding the condition of the Lincoln Nebraska store, the health violations at the remote Lancaster Event Center location and management's failure to cut a final check for an employee. The owner's name is JoAnn and her grandson Justin is the manager. Thank you. Dennis Klebe, [email protected], 402-304-1870, 402-471-4559.

  2. Not sure if this box is the correct posting area for complaints. On Black Friday 11/27/2015, I and my 2 grandchildren were at King of Prussia Mall, Pa. Around 6/6:30PM EST we stopped at your booth on the top level of the Plaza for 2 smoothies. Upon leaving with our drinks one of your male server's started tossing over the heads of shoppers small containers to his friends. One of his friends missed catching the container and my grandson got hit in the corner of his right eye. We didn't go back and complain, since I felt there couldn't of been anyone in charge, if the young fellow was aloud to toss things in a crowded mall. I felt this was the better option to get results. My granddaughter who is 17, was so angry, she threw her recent purchase from your booth out. Her brother who got hit, used the coldness of the cup on his eye. The redness has since gone away and he appears to be fine. My granddaughter was so mad she posted on twitter and facebook. I thought corporate should be made aware of the situation, so it won't happen again.
    Hopefully you will take the time to read this posting and respond.
    [email protected]


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