SuperFresh Corporate Office Headquarters

SuperFresh Corporate Office Headquarters
Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co Inc.
Two Paragon Drive,
Montvale, NJ 07645 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-5739700
Fax Number: 1-201-930-4079
Store Gift Cards: 1-800-219-0149
Customer Service Number: 1-866-443-7374

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  1. The two Super Fresh stores in Wilmington DE (Marsh Road) and Claymont DE (Philadelphia Pike) have completely lost their customer focus... and have lost more than one my family members as regular customers. The employees are not friendly... sometimes indifferent... sometimes rude. Three examples: 1. cashiers often don't speak or are busy talking to another cashier (frequently complaining about how they can't wait to finish their shift). 2. When told that most of the infant food on the shelf was out of date, the employee shrugged and said "ok".. and went back to their conversation with another employee. 3. When told that we would no longer shop in their store because the one and only cashier was on their break, the employee (in the office) said (and I quote), "Whatever". No matter how profitable these stores are, they can't sustain themselves with this type of attitude towards their customers.

  2. Today at SuperFresh on columbus boulevard in south philadelphia, pa, a manager named Cindy was screaming at a cashier named Nancy for shutting her light out in her line and for cleaning up a spill. Other customers complain about Cindy all the time, but no one does anything about her. I heard her curse a person on the phone out, while there were still people in the store. Cindy also gets mad at cashiers for getting price checks and needing overrides. Will you please have a talk with her, she is making SuperFresh not such a friendly place to be in for customers and employees.

  3. Store: Super Fresh at 5th & Spruce Sts, Philadelphia, PA. Problem: While looking for an advertised item (Sorrento mozzarella), I was informed that this store is no longer "authorized" to stock this item (or Polly-O, Maggio, etc). The only solid mozzarella was on a single shelf that only had AC brand. I understand that this store has limited shelf space, but two large shelves in this area are now reserved for large bags of pre-shredded cheese. I believe that stocking decisions should be made based on the demographics of the customers of that store. This store is located in Society Hill, perhaps the wealthiest section of the city. I would think that there is more of a desire for good brand-name cheeses here than for the pre-shredded generic varieties. When a customer needs to go elsewhere to get what they want, you are losing ALL of their shopping dollars.

    1. This Superfresh has higher prices and sells OVERpriced outdated product to the wealthy who are fools with their millions. CCD boss Paul Levy shops at Walmart, even though he is a jew.

  4. Superfresh, Manoa Shopping Center, Havertown PA. A gallon of their house-brand non-fat milk went sour in 3 days, even though it didn't expire for another 5 days. I brought it back. The woman at customer service told me that non-fat milk only lasts 3 or 4 days, so you have to drink it (a whole gallon) within that time , despite the expiration date! She refused to replace it or refund my money. I asked to see the manager, a Mr. Mullen. He said that he would give me a HALF gallon, and stated that he was only going to do this once, because it was probably a problem with my refrigerator. He was backing up his employee, making it my fault! I have never had a problem with my refrigerator, and that was the first item I had ever returned.
    Now the only things I buy there are sale items, if they are cheaper than at the other stores, and I never buy their milk. I have 3 children raising families in Havertown, and they no longer shop there either.

  5. A&P is CLOSING all Superfresh and Pathmarks in this area according to Food Trade News

  6. SuperFresh, Manahawkin, N J:
    It is only a short time until you close this store, or so it seems. You do not stock some of what we come to the store to purchase. The store is out of Americas Choice Fat free Creamer which my wife insists on. Your store does not have Eight O'clock 50% whole bean Coffee. I purchased on bag on the sale day,( the only one there) and I got a "Rain Check" for four more, on Feb 7th. I am in the store often and the coffee is never non the shelf. WHY NOT?
    When I went to the customer service booth and asked if anyone was working the booth two women there said no not yet. "WHY NOT" one young lady came out and I told her that I was told Sunday morning that this coffee would be on the shelf Tuesday. It's Tuesday, where is the coffee?????
    I don't see any customer care/service in this store. Very little pride in the store they work, or where put in time. Coffee and Creamer. Those are the only items I keep finding "NOT" on the shelves.....
    Close the store if you, and the employees don't care..... Your employees simply don't care.
    R. Swain

  7. I went shopping at Superfresh on New Castle Ave on Mon, July 15. Now my shopping at this had already began to decline once Shoprite opened, but still do some shopping at Superfresh because it is closer to my home. Even though I think their prices can a little high at times, and product selection is limited. I spent twenty five dollars in the store that night, and requested fifty dollars cash back. Upon getting into my car I just so happened to take my money and attempted to put it in my wallet. At that moment I noticed something strange about a twenty dollar bill. I went right back into the store and confronted the night manager. Turns out the money was fake. She said there was nothing she could cause I had left the store only 30 seconds to one minute prior. She baciscally accused me of changing out the money outside. I felt 100% disrespected as customer that shops in that store at least once week. I told the manager to call the police, which she did, but the officer said there was nothing she could do. They have lost my business, and I caution anyone else to be careful when shopping there cause my might get ripped off.


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