Ruger Corporate Office Headquarters

Ruger Corporate Office Headquarters
Lacey Place
Southport, CT  06890
Corporate Phone Number: 1-203-259-7843
Corporate Fax Number: 1-203-256-3367

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  1. The best selling pistol...LCP has a dirty little secret that Ruger Firearms does not want you to know about. More on the way, checking with lawyers! Hint: The best the slide falls off the gun while at the range. The worst: You can't defend your family!

  2. do you sell a barrel for e9 threaded barrel or extended barrel threraded??

  3. I've purchased 2 new Ruger pistols the SR-22 and the SP101 and both had big problems right out of the box. The SR-22 can't feed ammo or eject properly and the SP101's cylinder will not go into battery mode. Where is the quality control? I've been a long time Ruger customer but I've lost faith after these last 2 purchases. John Palazzolo-California

  4. Why has Ruger remade it's 9/45 carbine and made it accessable for glock mags and not its own mags like those for the P85? I have a P85 and P93 with 15 mags for range use and would not have any intention of buying the new carbine unless it took the mags I have. Do you own Glock, or is it you do not care about those of us that have been loyal to your products over the long term?

  5. I am curious as to why you sell the Ruger Precision Rifle Rimfire with an enormous scope base and when people have issues some are given the a normal scope base while other are told they can buy one on a web page that doesn't even carry the product? I was told to buy one on today by customer service. When I told him there were none on the site, he said they will be at the end of October. It is September 12th.

    If this is how Ruger treats their customers this will be my last Ruger purchase.


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