Magnavox Corporate Office Headquarters

Magnavox Corporate Office Headquarters
Philips Electronics North America Corporation
3000 Minuteman Road
Andover, Maryland 01810 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-727-4560
Fax Number: 1-201-288-8019
Customer Service Number: 1-800-605-8610

Funai Corporation, Inc.
Exclusive License to sell, and distribute
Magnavox Electronics from Philips.
201 Route 17 North Suite 903
Rutherford, New Jersey 07070 USA

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  1. What is your plan to either repair or replace the hundreds of flat screen TV's that customers have purchased in the past year that are having the same issue with the on / off switch. The support center is giving people the run around and not returning calls to your customers to provide information for this problem. Please advise!! My Profile would be customer but that's not an option.

  2. I have getting the run around from them too. I have a line going down the middle of my screen and after sending three pictures and waiting days it was determined there is a bad panel. Now they want me to send it back and receive a "refurbished" TV and I bought in March and there is a 1 year warranty. I do not want a refurbished TV I want my money back or a new TV! They are crooks selling bad products. Shame on Magnavox.

  3. I have been trying for the past eight days to talk to a supervisor in the Customer Support Department of Magnavox/Funai Corporation with NO SUCCESS. I have been promised twice that I would be getting a return call within an hour after holding for an extensive time only to NOT receive any call after waiting for hours. I feel like I'm in the movie "Groundhog Day" where everything just keeps repeating itself. The sad thing is I LOVE the product that I am calling about which is a DVD/Recorder but it is NOT allowing me to record the number of shows that I am supposed to be able to record as per the manual. I just was forced to go out and BUY another machine (my third) because I cannot get any one to talk to me from Customer Service. This is REALLY SAD that a company of this size has such a poor Customer Support Department. I will be continuing to try to talk to someone and I am hoping that I will be able to understand what they say since NO ONE speaks ENGLISH as their first language.

  4. David Lee case number 286678December 7, 2015 at 9:24 PM

    I bought a 50 inch tv. Out of the box It has a cracked screen, the store wont take it back and tell me to contact Magnavox. Magnavox tells me to go back to the store. I am out $600 and no tv. Should of bought a Visio

  5. I am quite disappointed with the Magnovox dvr/dvd recorder 867H model.
    It has twin tuner and 1TB. This worked really great. The recorder worked excellently. The picture quality on playback of the DVD and Hard Drive was also excellent. It did everything it was supposed to do.
    I've had this recorder for less than 1 week and all of a sudden now the timer recording does not work.
    Come on guys can't you make a decent recorder. After all they can send a man to the moon and probes to Mars and you can't make a decent recorder that doesn't break down. This one lasted a few days before it became worthless. after all what's a recorder that can't work on the scheduled recording.

  6. I am also another dissatisfied magnavox product owner. After contacting Magnavox on 11/17/2015 and returning the product which was signed for on 11/19/2015, this is now 1/23/2016 and I have not seen nor heard from the customer support about my issue. Seriously, what is your customer service policy, "Don't do anything toresolve any issues"? On January 11,I received a response to a status inquiry-"This is to acknowledge the receipt of the email that you sent us. This case is being carefully monitored by one of our Supervisors. Currently, a request was made to Management with regard to this case. We are waiting for their response about the request." from 12/19/15. I purchased the product on 9/3/15-sent it back on 11/18/15. Magnavox has had it longer than I have been able to use it & still no resolution...DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS!!!!! VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!1111

  7. I too am a extremely dissatisfied Magnavox owner. I own a 40" and a 39". My 39" completely (Well no completely if you count the set snapping on and back off immediately.) stopped working exactly a year and 5 months after I purchased it. I called customer support and Magnavox told me it was nothing they could do since I purchased from an online retailer. Tried going through them, they told me to contact Magnavox. Endless loops for my 39" inch. As for my 40", I mentioned my issued when I contacted them about my first problem. My stock remote stopped functioning (all the buttons except for power and mute) and when I mentioned it, the gentleman at Customer Support told me he would be happy to replace my remote if I could provide a copy of the receipt and of course I didn't have it on hand, so he told me it would be find to call back another time. When I called today and talked about my issue, I missed my warranty window, and the ladies were very rude in assisting me. After taking awful customer service from them, the woman told me I could pay $26+shipping for a replacement, FOR A REMOTE. THAT STOPPED FUNCTIONING ON IT'S OWN ACCORD. This is increasingly frustrating, as I have been duped not once, but twice for at least $900 by the SAME company. A company that's been a mainstay in my house for as long as I can remember (I'm 20 now). I purchased these television sets with my hard earned money just for them to prove faulty. I WILL be contacting the corporate office, as well as the Better Business Bureau about this one, especially knowing that this isn't just my luck, that magnavox is actually participating in planned obsolescence (knowingly pushing faulty products to their consumers). This is completely unacceptable. The customer should never get the cold shoulder. Like someone above me mentioned, I should have brought Vizios, it was what I initially wanted.

  8. Good luck contacting the corporate office. That number rings right to customer service. I guess since me and my husband are elderly, they are hoping that if they wait long enough we will kick the bucket and they won't have to answer to ripping off two elderly customers.

  9. I am trying to locate information on model #1ST670A. This is a console Hi Fi stereo made in the early 60s i believe. I purchased this with the intent of restoring it, but I cannot locate any information on it. Please help!

    1. I am also looking for a schematic for this model.

  10. I wanted to let you know that I have a magnovox alarm/radio/telephone combo I won as a prize in 1984 AND IT STILL WAKES my wife up EVERY MORNING!-32 years and STILL GOING STRONG!!!

  11. NEVER BUY MAGNAVOX!!!! If I would have read the comments, I would have never bought the TV. This TV only lastes me less than 2 yrs and the customer sevice wants me to pay for the repair!!! I will stick to Samsung products. Of all the Samsung products I have, I have never called their customer service for a product not lasting me a reasonable time. Magnavox is a piece of shit!

  12. these ppl are RIPOFF artists i bought a home thearte system 3 yrs ago and its JUNK! i go to watch YOUtube on the bluray/dvd player and it gives me a playback error. the dumbidiots send me out the wrong software for it. i ve already told the idiots that I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER buy another Magnovox product period. ill agree with the last post there products are junk and piece of shit!!


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