Servpro Corporate Office Headquarters

Servpro Corporate Office Headquarters
Servpro Industries, Inc.
801 Industrial Boulevard
Gallatin, TN 37066 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-451-0200
Fax Number: 1-615-451-0291
Customer Service Number: 1-800-737-8776

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  1. Tomah WisconsinJuly 17, 2015 at 10:11 AM

    Your local La Crosse Wisconsin office has never kept me informed of the actual or estimated cost. Instead they worked as if they were dipping into a never ending pot of money. It is my insurance claim they so freely spend.
    Next, had drywall been removed earlier then drying would have occurred much faster. Inexperience and a poor plan from the start.
    There is more but I believe you get the point.
    Feel free to call me at 608-372-1064.

  2. Your employees who where in the prospect park area today may 10th 2017 getting onto 95 at around 515pm should really be told how to act when in a company vehicle. They don't own the road. While making a left turn onto rt420 I was very near almost hit by one of your company cars. It was a small suv type car. I'm making the left and your employee payed no mind to me as he continued to make his right hand turn all while staring at me and smiling as he did it. Then which is the main reason I am writing this. He continued to stay being me and a very close tail gating distance all the way down rt420. I changed lanes and when he chamged lanes right with me amd continued to ride my ass i increased speed up to almost 80 mph l and he stayed rigjt up on my rear end all the way
    onto i95 south. He then pulled up next me and screamed something out his window and showing me the middle finger. He also had himself as well as 3 other people in the car. For a company as large as servpro is I would expect a professional manner especially in a car with the company name all over it. I am very happy I have never used servpro and I never will now

  3. Your local Gurnee Illinois office is terrible and we are going to be seeking compensation for damages. They lie, steal, and cheat.....all the while ruining what's left of your home with zero regard for just's your home and your things. I'm not cussing, but home tyou have good insurance yourself as there was also fraud. Billed my insurance copany for cleaning items we didn't even own


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