LG USA Corporate Office Headquarters

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LG USA Corporate Office Headquarters
1000 Sylvan Avenue
Englewood Cliffs, NJ  07632
Corporate Phone Number: 1-201-816-2000

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  1. "LG, IT department, tech writers, etc., aware that you have a bait and switch on this product? If you view your web site and also TV ad for LMC2075, it states that it has a 6-wheel rotating ring, which it does not! It also boast that you can see the food cook because of the 'bright' LED lights. The 2 pictures on your web, 1 with the bright LED lights is not the model 2075. The 2075 has a rounded interior and very poor lights and although you can see something inside it is not as what is advertised about seeing the food cook! The pictures on your web, 1 with bright LED lights is a different model because it has a squared interior not rounded like 2075. I bought the 2075 based on your info when in fact I am not actually sure it has all the specs that you advertise, but it surely is NOT the same model that you advertised and show on TV and LG Web. Even the owners manual in incorrect. You should review the model's specs before advertising to the consumers about the improvements. Buyer beware!"


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