LF Stores Corporate Office Headquarters

LF Stores Corporate Office Headquarters
5333 McConnell Avenue
Los Angeles, VA  90066
Corporate Phone Number: 1-310-437-4100

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  1. Good Morning

    My Name is Tamara Dyce .On July 13th 2019, I visited the Lfstore in Greenwich CT .I believe I was a victim in your Lf Store Establishment of Racial Profile and try to steal . I am a frequent shopper at both location Westport and Greenwich. for years this was my favorite store to shop every year for my birthday & yearly Vacation. Since June till I spent $385.00 between both stores .

    Never had a problem, Never carry my personal handbag in the store for a smooth shopping experience, Also to avoid any confusion the store is small and its always a mess.

    I even made a trip to my Car (before entering your store) and left my shopping bags from previous purchases in the car.( to avoid any issue ) Knowing the store is pack its sale session , its small and stuff is everywhere, you have employees trying on clothes ,Putting their selves together to work instead of maybe assisting customer or cleaning store.

    I had 2 items in my hand and my small Lv hand bag, ( not a shoulder bag or tote ) Before entering the dressing room you have 2 ladies in front with 2 shopping bags each.(never said a word to them bags were inside dressing room, When I said that to her she yelled get out my store, I ask. I have receipt to prove how much money I have spent in LF store.

    I left the bodysuit (1 item ) at the register to purchase , told ther person that was cashing out , I would like to purchase this can I leave it here, She said YES.I left it right at the cash counter.

    And held the shorts waiting in line .. To try on the1 pair of shorts... I'm next to try on.. The manager rush pass me (which I thought was wired ) to the young girl showed her a msg on her phone.. She looked up right in my eyes..( I knew they were speaking about me) .

    As I approach the dressing room she tell me (the manager ). I have to leave my personal handbag outside the dressing room on the floor... I said mam iits not a shopping bag.. I only have 1 item to try on.. She screams its store policy..( I asked her for a cop y of the store policy before leaving the store ) Get out Im calling the cops.. Made me look like I was stealing.. Follow me out the store and yells I know every cop in this town.. I told her I think I need to call them. Cause I've done nothing wrong but refuse to leave my personal pocketbook outside the dressing. I work hard and spends alot of money in this establishment Yearly.. I was treated very bad... Embarrassed, I was in shocked this. Worst shopping experience ever. Embrassed in front of on lookers inside and outside the Store..Store manager..( im sure she is the Store manager , Ive been shopping in Lf for a couple of years and I've seen her on several occasion ), She was very rude. I will not let this happen to another person of colored in your store .

    When I posted on instagram , your Lf Store Location in Greenwich Blocked me. I will be sure to continue to post about this, on all my social media sites both personal and Business page.

    I am a single mother of colored, hard working Employed & Business owner that like to shop at high end stores. I don't think I raise any suspicion that I was attempting to steal anything. I was also with a uniformed Postal worker who just finished her work Day. Did we look like we where shoplifter? I am not a Thief. Your Store also has cameras please review full to see what happen it was about 6;30 pm.

    This morning I have made a call to my attorney about what happen to me, He will be notify the company within 24 hours . I felt violated I cried about it I was so upset. It not right its not fear

    I look forward to speaking to someone from this company to draw up a formal complaint.

    Please fill free to contact me (201)658-1751

    You can Also Contact the person I was with Danielle Blackwood (347)694-9137

    Thank you

    Tamara Dyce

  2. This incident happen almost 6weeks ago, Received a call back this week, How the manager has left the company. OF course Im in the area often. I go back to the store and the store is closed. I feel like my situation was not handle in a professional manor. Sent Mike from Lf Corp Location has not reply. THIS COMPANY IS NOT A STORE FOR WOMEN OF COLOR TO SHOP.


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