IGA USA Corporate Office Headquarters

IGA Corporate Office Headquarters
8745 West Higgins Road Suite 350
Chicago, IL 60631 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-773-693-4520
Fax Number: 1-773-693-4533
Customer Service Number: 1-773-693-4520

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  1. trying to find nutritional values of an IGA product sold at my local IGA. They product is a "snowball", a chocolate cupcake covered with vanilla frosting and coconut. My local IGA says they do not have the nutritional values. Thank you

  2. The IGA store in Brookville In. The quality of the produce and meat that is packaged by the store is high priced junk.someone needs to look at what they are selling and find out where it is coming from. It's just not worth shopping for groceries in Brookville In.only 2 grocery stores in Brookville and they are both owned by the same people selling the same high priced sub standard food.The IGA in Oldenburg In. Is a totly different story.I have to drive 20 miles + to get good food because Brookville grocery stores aren't worth going to.


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