Greyhound Corporate Office Headquarters

Greyhound Corporate Office Headquarters
250 Lamar Street
Dallas, TX  75202
Corporate Phone Number: 1-214-849-6831

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  1. I've been told by a greyhound supervisor that she didn't understand slang and hungup on me then I was told to go to greyhound terminal in Sacramento, Ca. and get a travel voucher to get back to my family and was lied to and had to sleep in the street and then was told to go to a charity or find another way to get home even though they agreed to refund my money now there trying to coverup everything because they messed up I'm going to lose my wife and she's going to lose her apt and I can't get home to her greyhound doesn't care how they treat people we're just animals being transported to a destination I do believe that Mr. Leach wouldn't allow this to happen but I believe he is being kept from the truth I also hope he doesn't promote racial profiling

  2. Greyhound will be reported to the Federal Trade Commission for forgery and staff stealing my lost luggage 2/21/07 at Oklahoma City during busswitch.The news media will know my story,watch and see ok?

    1. I hope you report it! They will continue to get away with bad service if we don't start reporting it

  3. Greyhound owes me over 2,000 dollars of lost luggage and insulted me with only 250 dollars.I traveled for 2 days without any luggage and NYC customer services weren't any help either.So the Federal Trade Commission will take serious action ASAP and arrest Greyhound luggage staff in Oklahoma City for stealing my lost luggage 2/21/07 at Oklahoma City.The news media will know my story,watch and see folks.


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