GB3 Corporate Office Headquarters


GB3 Corporate Office Headquarters

GB3 Corporate Office Headquarters
1885 Herndon Avenue
Clovis, CA  93611
Corporate Phone Number: 1-559-323-4414

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  1. I have a complaint against a sales rep at the GB3 on Herndon and Milburn. My co-worker had given me a month pass for GB3 I went into the GB3 on Herndon and Milburn to redeem my free month and was directed to the sales rep named Shawn. Shawn without offering me a seat, a handshake, or introducing himself asked for my ID. I took a seat myself he starting typing and told me in a stern voice, "we have the same system at all GB3's." I was confused so I just said, "ok." and he proceeds to tell me you used a free pass once in July and nothing has changed since the last time you were here." Being that I was starting to get upset I told him, it looks a lot bigger to me." He continued with, "that's impossible we haven't changed the structure of the building."
    Shawn didn't speak to me about gym packages or anything of that sort after he was done insulting me he just let me be on my way. It was I who started asking him how much it would be for me and how much would it be for my spouse and I. I also asked about childcare and that I currently have fitness evolution and was looking to switch gyms. I'm upset because Shawn treated me like I was trying to "get away" with something, He never even asked me if I had redeemed a free pass before. I have and I didn't lie about it because I wasn't asked about it until I was accused. No where on the pass does it say I couldn't redeem another free pass. I have fitness evolution and I'm able to bring a workout buddy for free. So I didn't think it was a big deal using another pass. When I used my free pass last yr I was looking for a gym and unfortunately stopped working out. This time I want to stick to a gym and signed up for fitness evolution but due to so many ppl going there I wanted to look into gb3.
    I called back that night to ask for the sales reps name and for the corporate office number. I spoke to Danielle and she was awesome! She apologized and told me to go ahead and go in so they could give me a tour of the remodeled building. She informed me that if I show them my other gym membership that I could knock off a few bucks off my registration fee also since I wasn't able to use a free pass that I could actually pay $10 and workout there and the $10 could go towards my registration fee. Shawn didn't mention ANY of this to me. If he would have I would have paid the $10 right then and there to try it out again. After speaking to Danielle I might just join GB3. She made me feel welcome.

    1. Seems like SHAWN has no customer service and he is still the same way as I found out today. If I am to invest over $300. to start up on a package they would want to honor any other GB3 offers that are given. This is surprising as you would think the corporate office would do something about this person.

  2. Also, I'm not upset about the free pass. That's understandable I used one once already. I'm upset about the way I was treated by Shawn and feel that this matter should brought up because customer service skills are required and I feel Shawn lacks those skills.


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