EZ Money Corporate Office Headquarters

EZ Money Corporate Office Headquarters
2861 Capehart Road
Bellevue, NE  68123
Corporate Phone Number: 1-402-291-1175
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  1. Worst costumer service ever at waco tx location. I have been in t he hospital unexpectedly and i revieve a rude voice mail not even knowng circumstances and if there would be other options on thismatter. I wastold" your a grown women so make the payment or dont" name of person laura store #10192 worst service ever im gonna pay my damn loan and nevwr do buisness again with this place

  2. I was a consumer with easy money paid my loans off early and got a rude call from Carol who I told she had already called me .When I asked her what time they closed she ignored me ..i will not be a returning customer thanks to her and anyone i know who may need help I will tell them don't do business with this company because of the rude customer service

  3. same thing in Ottawa ks the women that runs that place is a nut

  4. I've been a customer for a couple of years now and I really like the offices I've used. All of the offices in Montgomery, AL have great customer service!! Plus anytime I've spoken with someone at corporate I've had great customer service as well and they have been extremely helpful and lenient, plus forgiving!! Almost everyone that's every helped me has been nice and polite!! I've been to one since I moved to Birmingham, AL and that on was in Bessemer and the 2 ladies that helped me were polite as well!! As for the previous comments listed, as someone who works in this business, I can tell you that if you're having problems first check and make sure that as a customer you are holding up your end of the deal and haven't come across as rude yourself!!

    1. The lady said she paid her loans off early so I don't think she had a reason to be rude.


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