Ericsson USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Ericsson Corporate Office Headquarters
6300 Legacy Drive
Plano, TX  75024
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-583-0000
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  1. I would like to call your attention. I am a small company owner in the Philippines and did a project for ENP in 2008-2009. We did the engineering design for 600-kilometer backbone network and 10% of the said distance was assigned to us for civil works implementation. The collection process has been rigorous and a remaining PHP 5.4 M (USD126,000, more or less) remains unpaid, over and above our pending claim of PHP13M (USD 303,000). Last year in May, we were asked to submit a Quit Claim for the processing of payments, only to be advised in October that they can not pay anymore as the project has been closed 4-years back and it is already locked in the system. I dont know exactly this corporate procedure or standard of Ericsson, in general, but it is totally against the Philippine law of ESTAFA and RICO LAW in the US. Our legal consultant in the US is contemplating on filing a case while our local consultant thinks of the same. A message has been sent in reply to ENP's declining payment to ENP Country Head and also to Ericsson President in Sweden, but no reply. I believe that it is not a company culture not to pay past and accepted works. Or so it seems. LEO TAMAYO, President & COO, CKPT Construction & Technologies Inc, Manila, Philippines. [email protected] +639179473047 +639985555822

  2. I was a former employee of Marconi Communications, USA for three years. My former Vice President has been bragging for the past years about how he breached my employed offer letter, which is a legal contract. Spent my stock money -400 shares at $35.00 per share, my 401K and stock purchase plan money. I called your offices since I never was employed by the vendors, and I was told that even though there was a blackout period the company HAD TO PAY me my retirement money. I am now 64 Years of age, and the V.P. and his higher ups as well as many of his past and present employees have been brutally violating Me and my immediate family. I have done everything legal I can think of to make them stop. This VP is currently with Emerson Network Power, and are directly involved in high level and low street level criminal activity. The final straw was watching President Donald John Trump, Sr. body slam my eldest daughter and beat up her younger sister, their children, and my evil ex-husband and threaten me. My daughter is not an employee of CNN, the evil media is involved also. I did what your very professional benefits departments told me to and these people have made a catastrophe of this. There are several women who are fraudulently claiming to be my sisters and cousins, and a number of men who claim to be my brother. We have gotten death threats, and people in homeless shelters were hired to attack us and scam your corporations out of millions of dollars. Vice President Pence should be ashamed of himself to go along with this Bannon, Kelley Conway, Trump violence, and sexual assaults. Hollywood is making it worse. Beyoncé Knowles Carter and a man I DO not know filed a bogus non-suit in Prince WIlliam County, VA Circuit Court CL04074117-00 with a bunch of nonsense about two old cars that have been sold multiple times over, that link Mr. Hartnett to a Met Life employee benefit offering. There is No policy number because there was no claims made. It was for a term life policy I took Out on myself for my two dependent daughters in 2000 when Marconi Headquarters were in Warrendale, PA. ENP is dead wrong and so are the cable and other telephone IT companies. These people ruined my/our lives and many of my grandchildren are DEAD. This is a wrongful death and wrongful termination - squeeze out- breach of contract. Dennis Del Campo was never indited, but the company remains solvent and worth 4 billion dollars. I never sued nor did any of us try to take them down. Dennis is VP of the Americas at Emerson Network Power. He is a smart man but not very wise. He should steer away from Roc and pay me my money and for all the damages they did to me and my immediate family (only). I reported directly to Richard Strauss, Sr. Also Kenneth Baughman is an attorney in Accounting and Finance and has investigated this over and again. We did no wrong. Attorney Scott Ward, of Gammon & Grange took down Marconi five years before I ever even heard of it. Also Dennis is directly involved with this "working" PAYOLA sex crimes against my daughters and grandchildren and first husband with Comcast, Verizon, Intergraph and others. The people who are trying to take your companies down are a bunch of local thugs called the Mayos and Mobleys who work for big time criminal organizations (allegedly). These people are in violation of ERISA and RICO laws. I tried contacting the former corporate attorney and she has turned completely rotten also, she is with General Electric and I have no intentions of contacting any of these companies (as requested)they are the WORST! Please, can you stop them and assist saving us and paying us our money - legally.


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