Eileen Fisher Corporate Office Headquarters

Eileen Fisher Corporate Office Headquarters
2 Bridge Street
Irvington, NY  10533
Corporate Phone Number: 1-914-591-5700

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  1. I have always purchased your line of clothing with no problems until now. I bought this coral sweater and it got a little snag, next thing I know it just ripped apart. Probably the cheapest made material I've ever seen. Just wanted you to know I won't be buying your line anymore because the quality doesn't fit the prices you charge. Very disappointed!

  2. Dear Eileen Fisher,

    I used to buy your clothes, and would wear the items I bought for many seasons. I still wear things bought 4 and 5 years ago and they still look reasonably fresh. However, my more recent experience is quite different and leads me to not want to buy your clothes anyore:

    1. Summer 2014 bought a (somewhat expensive) pair of light colored pants in a blend of linen-viscose-spandex. They were a tiny bit tight on me. Within (literally) two hours of putting them on they had stretched out to the point that they fell down when I got up off of my chair (I was at work!). I can put them in the dryer and they return to close to the original size - but they stretch out so quickly that they are unusable.

    2. Last fall bought a lovely looking purple long sleeved silk blouse. I followed the washing instructions exactly - but after one hand wash the blouse looked tired and worn out. Clearly very very cheap fabric (as opposed to some b ought long ago Eileen Fisher silk T's that I have been wearing for years).

    3. Last summer I bought a dress in a blend of viscose and lycra. Again following the washing instructions exactly. After two washings it looks worn out and tired. Again - apparently really cheap fabric (I have a similar dress bought years ago from you that still looks good!).

    So - needless to say I will no longer buy Eileen Fisher - until you begin again to use quality fabric

    Lisa Lyons
    [email protected]

    1. Hi Lisa, It's a total waste of time writing to them. They don't even bother to respond. I will never buy their clothes again! Cheap crap

  3. Eileen Fisher fabrics with lycra do not last! After buying them for years I am stopping. The lycra blend pants are sagging in the knees and seat. some have grown an entire size from sagging. Same with shirts. I have a bag of clothing i am throwing out. They are expensive and have been washed carefully and not put in the dryer. When I called customer service they blew me off.

  4. I purchased 4 sweater w cami sets in June - I have worn each one once - three of the sweaters have small holes at the seems. This is disturbing. I love Eileen Fisher designs and I have in the past been in love with the items and the quality. I am upset about my recent purchase and the quality of the items.

  5. I'm super disappointed in how a knit top I purchased began to pill almost immediately. I love the shape so I continued to wear it. I don't mind your price point normally because clothes are great quality usually. Thought you'd like to know. Also, I would love my money back...can send you the garment if you'd like.


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