Toppers Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

Toppers Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters
333 W Center Street
Whitewater, WI  53190
Corporate Phone Number: 1-262-473-6666

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  1. I visited the Toppers Pizza for the first time and last time on 3/19/16 in Omaha Ne at 114th off of Dodge. I used my debit card to purchase my carry out order. When the charges ran through my bank there was extra money taken from my account. Toppers seems to have a thief at this location that is stealing from the customer's!

  2. The whole company are thieves. My husband and I ordered delivery through their website last night. They claim they never got the order and that we're just out of luck in regards to our money that they took. THEN the "store manager" (who magically transformed into the District Manager when I asked to speak with a superior) had the audacity to insult me for asking for our money back. This isn't over and I will get my money back if I have to spend hundreds more to take them to court. I don't even care because it's not about the money at this point, it's about the principal. They had the opportunity to correct this right away and chose not to.


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