Sbarro Corporate Office Headquarters

Sbarro Corporate Office Headquarters
401 Broadhollow Road
Melville, NY  11747
Corporate Phone Number: 1-631-715-4100

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  1. On 9-14-12 I performed some work in your store. I did some minor plumbing work. I repaired a leaking faucet And replaced another one. I was told I would be paid in 30 days. (it is now almost 2 months). I contacted this manager 3 or 4 times inquiring when I was going to be paid. The bill was for $125.00. (much cheaper than calling a plumber). So far I never got any answers on when I will be paid. Please advise.

    1. This is why you ask for a payment immediately! NEVER give anyone a window to pay. Your worth being paid now. I know this is old but now you understand does not matter business or personal. Money is money and it's due when the job is complete not 30 days later. Rid of your retainer


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