Roy Rogers Corporate Office Headquarters

Roy Rogers Corporate Office Headquarters
321 Ballenger Center
Suite 201
Frederick, MD  21703
Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-695-5051
Corporate Fax Number: 1-301-695-5066

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    This was our experience at a Maryland Roy Rogers.

    1. The Laurel Roy Rogers has a horrible drive thru I have waited on several occassions for over 20 minutes

  2. "Roy Rogers" Cumberland, Md 21502
    anet Hendrickson
    in the last week-Edit
    Roy Rogers Cumberland MD
    I myself and additional party of 7 went for breakfast today (Friday). This was one of the worst visits I ever had.. Our food was cold, people were waiting in a very long line and food was being served out of order so that people standing there was being passed over. The servers were bumping into each other , none of them knew what they were doing. I watched a platter of food sit there all three times I had to go back to the counter. for the rest of my food that I had to stand and wait on.The pancakes tasted awful , my grandchildren wouldn't eat them. Many people were furious and left saying their food sat along time and was cold.. My order was one of the first , the food was given to people a little at a time. Several servers didn't even know what order they were working on and even that customers weren't getting their food. There also was and advertisement that stated today pancakes were a $1.99 all you could eat and Roy Rogers said they weren't having this special?. We spent over $55.00 and by the time I got to eat it was so cold I threw it away. I saw families asking for their food or wanting their money back. Had I not had my grandchildren with me, I would of requested my money back. Not sure I can go back.

    Unhappy Customer.

    Janet Hendrickson
    602 Fairview Ave
    Cumberland, Md 21502

  3. My visit at Roy roger route 1 was terrible the food never cooked right . staff is rude and disrespectful . employee doing drug outside of there . Its just a mess I will never go back there . I hope y'all get shut down its really sad

  4. Waldorf MD. How can a company run when they have employees work 11 hours till closing, and then come back in 4 hours later to open the store. Employee safety should come first. Now this person is falling asleep at work and has to drive themselves home. Really smart

  5. the Roy Rogers Restaurant at Bell View Shoping Center in Alexandria Va are fantastic! There is only 2 complaints! They should bring back the original holster fries holder that looks like a real stirrup. Plus they should at let plast Roy Rogers and Dale Evans music on the's relaxing and a nice change!

  6. I work at the Roy Rogers in Pasadena. Breaks my heart to see a brand I love so much go in the trash. Uninterested 16 year olds that are incompetent, and couldn't be bothered to do their job. They sit in the back and play on their phones, while people have yet to be served. No one should wait 10+ minutes for food. Not to mention how a bunch of them go on "smoke breaks". Absolutely sad.

  7. worst service and quality ever...
    I ordered from the PA Turnpike. today ...a hamburger mashed potatoes and slaw... the burger had been sitting on the grill unattended for 10 minutes fully cooked... after I decided what I wanted I went to the rest room came back and ordered.... they gave me 1bof the 2 burgers from the grill that had been sitting there unattended it was extremely dried out and the bun was soggy and the potatoes were too wet... I expect better quality from Roy's having worked in pittsburgh stores in my younger years.... totally disappointing expierence and what made it worse is there were only 3 people in the whole plaza with a staff or 3 people you would have thought the orders could have been made fresh and hot.... very passed about my expierence especially since it cost double of what a regular Roy's would have charged... the guy after me ordered chicken tenders dry and cold.... get it together pardners'

  8. I used to love eating at Roy Rogers, but unfortunately I can no longer do so,
    because I have celiac disease. It is unfortunate that your food isn't Gluten free. I really consider your restaurant, so much better than McDonalds. It would be wouderful if you became completely Gluten free. At one time I was one of your regular costumers.


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