Robson Communities Corporate Office Headquarters

Robson Community Corporate Office Headquarters
9532 E. Riggs Road
Sun Lakes, AZ 85248
Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-480-895-9200
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-732-9949
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  1. We have been going to Robson Ranch in Eloy AZ since it opened to eat & can;t say enough good about the staff & the food.. We are tryng to Book a banquet there & can't say enough BAD about Heather owned a busness from 72 until retirement in 2006 IF I had an employee like Heather she'd be employedf about a week!!! My wife is way to nice & has given Heather 3+ weeks & still no satisfaction Heather claims she to busy to see her about booking our event...

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    2. You must have been there on a good day. We had to send our food(Fish) back three times before they got it right. The food is mediocre and expensive. The staff is in fact very polite.

  2. My name is Mary Parascandola I live in Robson Ranch, Eloy I have been trying to get some one to help with a problem I have with your accounting department. On 3/1/2018 I sent a check for $96.35 to pay a bill from the Grill, on 3/13 I sent another check for $256.86 . On 4/18/2018 I spoke to Melanie about this because none of the checks have been cashed. She checked and said the she look and only bill I have now is a $288.o8 so on 4/19 I sent out another check of that amount. As of today none of the checks have been cashed. You will not receive another check from me until you find all the other checks. Total sent to you is $641.29.I have tried to talk to someone at your office and have had no luck. today I called and left a message . Very upset about how I have been treated. My next recourse is to get my lawyer involved.


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