Prudential Financial Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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Prudential Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Prudential Financial, Inc.

Official Address:
751 Broad Street
Newark, NJ 07102 USA

Phone Numbers
Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-802-6000
Life Insurance: 1-800-778-2255
Account Access: 1-800-778-4357
Retirement & Pension Plans: 1-877-778-2100
Customer Service Number: 1-800-778-3932

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  1. ex employee was let go do to absent I had 20 days off from jan 2015 to dec 1 2015 missed snow days counted agaist me had a fmla for my son from march2015 til sept.2015 my wife goes to a cancer center for treatments once a month my son has a disease that makes him sick and goes to the hospital some times stays I myself have a learning disability I have always worked hard and any time and where ever they needed me been there 5 years this is my worst year with issues ever now I don't have a job for my 4 kids all but homeless no food just because I had one bad year cant afford to not work you think I would take off for no reason I got a family to support people told me to contact the eeoc will see if I I lose my home iguess I have nothing to lose thanks lowes for being so caring about your assoc.


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