Monical's Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

Monical's Corporate Office Headquarters
520 N Kinzie Avenue
Bradley, IL  60915
Corporate Phone Number: 1-815-937-1890

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  1. I went to your Culver City CA location to have lunch. The custom service was good, my husband and waited 45min to get our order, not to mention after getting our order there was no place to sit and enjoy our meal. Finally after getting a table, we had the pleasure of biting into a piece of raw chicken. I've been a chef and catering for 15 year. The FDA would close you down in a heart beat. The fries were under cooked, I just couldn't believe that a food eatery is so irresponsible with food handling. I wouldn't feed this to my dog. Thank you god that we did not get salmonella. As a chef I returned the food back and walked out without asking for a refund.

  2. Please start using Coke products in your stores, Pepsi products suck

  3. Hello....My wife and I have been going to Monicals for many many years. I have always loved your vingarette salad dressing. The last few times that we have gone, I've noticed that it has changed drastically. Where it was once sweet and tasty, it is now bitter and NOT tasty. Asked one of your employees about it yesterday and he said that you had changed suppliers and there have been many complaints about it. Your salad was one of the great things about Monicals and of course your pizza. Now, I don't eat any salad because of the bitter tasting dressing. I don't like the other two dressings so I can't enjoy your salad anymore. I think that I'm going to bring in a small bottle of Olive Garden dressing so that I can enjoy the salad once again the next time we visit Monicals. Why did you change. Has anyone else complained. I never complain about restaurants, but I felt in this case that I had to. Thankyou for your time. Kevin Grob, 11535 S Kankakee Rd, Reddick,IL 60961.815 365 4227.


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