Medifast Corporate Office Headquarters

Medifast Corporate Office Headquarters
Medifast, Inc.
11445 Cronhill Drive
Owings Mills, Maryland 21117 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-410-5818042
Fax Number: 1-410-581-8070
Customer Service Number: 1-800-209-0878
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  1. My experiences with Medifast this morning was not a good one. spoke to a rep. this morning regarding an order that i had placed twice and wanted to delete one order.. i was informed that the order couldn't be cancelled and i would have to pay for it to be shipped back because the policy is that they can cancel an order placed after 59 mins.. there is no such policy on your website which the rep. confirmed.. now, why would u make your customers pick up that cost of shipping something back if this policy is not on your site regarding cancelling an order within 59min of placing it...

  2. My experience with Medifast recently was HORRIBLE. They recently made a "Corporate Policy" change i.e. screw the consumer. Now on automatic orders, instead of sending out an early email that allows you to change or cancel an order, they just go ahead and ship & charge you. THEN, when I called to say I never asked for this order, they say tough luck. They shipped to an old address so when I called to say I can't return it as I don't live there anymore, they are miraculously able to stop the order BUT then they charge me $32! $15 for an order I never wanted and $17 shipping on AN ORDER I NEVER WANTED. If this is the new CEO's idea of customer service, he's a dumbo. Dear Medifast, You just lost a longtime customer FOR LIFE over $32. Nice going.

  3. Donna Chiesa from N.CA.September 8, 2015 at 6:40 PM

    Medifast stopped the 7 day notification and 3 day notification on automatic sent orders after I purchased an order for a visiting relative. I used Medifast for years BUT Medifast stopped both notifications, never told customers, never received any emails and now to refuse order I do not want nor never had option to refuse or change it, it will cost me $15 Elizabeth A, store rep stated. This is corruption and illegal. I did not order this 2nd order nor did I ever agree on getting charged the 15$ return fee if refused. Medifast has the customer by the balls. Despite my liking Medifast products and using them for years I will be stopping my usage of the products and filing more complaints and informing everyone I know and as much of the public as I can. Dear Medifast you just lost another longtime customer for $15.

  4. A loyal, 5-year user of the product, I have been alarmed lately at the inclusion of a number of small, nugget-like brown/black lumps in the Chicken and rice soup. These little rocks are clearly inedible, probably rotten corn or peas, but in any event should not be entering the human body. This situation has been present in my last three months of orders, and I can see that this may point to non-existent quality control of the entire product line. Who's checking quality?
    It would probably do well to pass this information on the the FDA.


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