MAC Cosmetics Corporate Office Headquarters

MAC Cosmetics Corporate Office Headquarters
767 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY  10153
Corporate Office Number: 1-212-572-4200
Customer Service Number: 1-800-588-0700
Pro Customer Service Number: 1-800-866-6464

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  1. Ok, MAC, our affiliation is over. I have been purchasing MAC for close to 20 years (bringing back from King of Prussia to Milwaukee.) Thrilled when Marshall Fields started carrying. Using Caitlin Jenner was a PR fail Why not Laverne Cox? The audacity of using a Kardashian/Jenner is appalling and tarnishes your brand. I am truly crushed by this betrayal to reward any of this ilk. This will come to bite you in the posterior.

  2. The worst experience of my life I was distraught after I left a “Mac store “ located 9301 Tampa Avenue Space 28A Nothridge, Ca 91324 I had requested a primer powder in which cashier No. 482146 had stated she did not recommend since she stated it seems as if I have oily and dry skin in which I would have gotten offended however she was the expert so she should me pricier item and convinced me so I advised her I would absolutely take the item recommended and not the powder after all. As we did the transaction It seemed very expensive however I knew I was investing on one item I couldn’t say much and I accepted. I left the store and after I realized She charged me for both items when I had requested one I went back to the store and the store manager asked me what I needed I had let her know I was returning an item I didn’t need as I spoke to the manager cashier no. 482146 looked at me sighed and like a teenager rolled her eyes at me now I looked back at the manager she Rudley stated move back and wait until we take care of our real customers I was so embarrassed and felt so discriminated against I apologized to the cashier who was the same cashier who mistakenly rang me up for an item I clearly stated I did not want . She was giving me attitude and not only that the manager held up the item I was returning and stated “because of you we are going to be short on this item so next time make sure you need the itemland avoid wasting them “ I was so embarrassed Being spoke down to like this with other people around the discrimination as they implied I couldn’t afford it . I do hope you go through the video and see the error was the cashier who charged me for an item I had stated I didn’t want I will be seeking legal action I had my head down I was shocked and felt as if someone punched me in my stomach my body felt numb . Worst experience I’m in disbelief that it was an error in their part from the start . Please review the tape store No. 12566 Date: 04/12/28 reg. # 3 Time 7:59 pm

  3. I have enjoyed using MAC cosmetics, however I will not be making any more purchases after I read that you are donating to Planned Parenthood. I bid you adieu because I will not support the murder of children.

    Elizabeth Fincher


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